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Apparently Schlafly's 'slippery slope' is merely damp (at most)

by Jeremy Hooper

Lest any of us think we are avant garde when we scoff at modern day social conservatives who constantly accuse progressives of wanting to "change the definition of marriage" so that it includes things like polygamy, check out this editorial comment that ran in the Appleton Post-Crescent way back in May of 1966:

Screen Shot 2010-07-12 At 1.52.38 Pm-5

Ms. Schlafly is still actively working within the "pro-family" movement, putting outrage and assumptions before fact in the same way she did forty-four years ago. Only difference? Back then, the unrealized fact that her first-born son is gay was not yet adding an extra component to shocked writers' "Did She Mean It?" headlines.


**SEE ALSO: The article that Schlafly used. It's interesting to note that while, as stated in the above commentary, there is no connection to the LBJ administration or politics in general, this article does absolutely verify what we say all the time: That the notion of polygamous marriage (obviously) exists in a state completely independent of same-sex marriage:

Associated Press, 4/15/66
Screen Shot 2010-07-12 At 2.17.06 Pm-1

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