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Arch rival: LaBarbera takes on Grimace

by Jeremy Hooper

McDonalds-french-adBecause of that sweet French ad where a young, smitten, gay man smiles a knowing smile when his father makes the heterosexist assumption that he must be into the ladies, one certain anti-gay man has chosen to wage a Big Mac-cott against a certain fast food mega-chain's American stores.

The man in question: Peter LaBarbera from Americans For Truth (and the upcoming, far-from-Ivy-League "Americans For Truth Academy).

The fast food chain in question: McDonald's from Just-Look-Out-Your-Window-And-You'll-Likely-See-One

The reasoning:

McDonald’s and its CEO, Jim Skinner (and COO Don Thompson) owe an apology to French moms and dads — and French young people — for promoting the unnatural, disease-producing homosexual lifestyle to French boys as some kind of innocuous, natural — and “cool” — identity. Until that apology comes, I am avoiding the famed Golden Arches. If you join me, it will be one of the healthiest corporate boycotts you ever engage in — but please make sure that you pay a visit to your local McDonald’s manager and franchise owner — to personally inform them of the reason that you are not eating there anymore. (Show them the YouTube ad.) Then they can relay your message of concern up the corporate ladder.

Thanks for standing up for moral sanity and truth against Corporate America’s increasingly brazen promotion of sexual immorality, in the name of that modern, Orwellian euphemism, ”diversity.” – Peter LaBarbera, www.aftah.org [

Oh, Peter. His is a world where "diversity" is a euphemism, "truth" is a malleable concept informed by junk science and personal faith biases, and both corporate ad departments and entire European countries are lying in wait for his anti-LGBT opinions. But hey, we all need to find our own fanciful escapes once the ball crawls, Happy Meals, and orange drinks of our youth come off the table of options.


**NOTE: Oh, and this final taunt from Pete is just weird:

P.S. Memo to pro-homosexuality activists: if you want to negate our boycott: have at it! The Big Macs, fries and Quarter-Pounders, dripping with grease and loaded with fat-producing calories, are there to be eaten. Here’s a caloric rundown of some popular McDonald’s menu items, courtesy of Shapefit.com:

Big Mac: 570 calories
Quarter Pounder: 430 (w/cheese: 530 c.)
Large French Fries: 540 c.
Crispy Chicken Deluxe Sandwich: 500 c.
File-O-Fish Sandwich: 470 c.
Big Xtra! Hamburger: 710 c. (w/ cheese 810 c.)
Oreo McFlurry: 570 c.
Sausage McMuffin w/ Egg Sandwich: 440 c.
Chicken McNuggets 9-piece: 430 c.

First off: They sell salads, yogurt parfaits, apple slices, and a few other not-so-bad options.

Second: Many of us in the LGBT population have chosen to not boycott the gym.

Third: When a grown adult starts using caloric intake to taunt the millions who he cruelly underserves, it would seem time for said adult to find a new job so that the rabbit can reclaim the hole for himself!

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