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Nobody can count except Brian Brown

by Jeremy Hooper

To us, the figure looked somewhere in the 50-100 range, which is where a local CBS affiliate put it. The AP put the tally at 100. Someone on the ground told this writer that it was more like seventy, with some from our side mixed in. So even though the pics looked lighter than that, 100ish peeps could be in the ballpark. Possibly.

But why should Brian Brown care what even the mainstream news sources say? He's now seriously claiming that his NOM marriage tour saw 200 people at their Augusta, ME, stop, blaming those big, bad bloggers for messing with his reality:

While we’ve been on the road, one of our staff told me I had to check out some of the gay marriage bloggers covering our tour. Some of them want so badly for our tour to fail . . . I think some of them have left the world of reality-based blogging.

One blogger claimed we had just 20 people turn out in Maine. You can look at the pictures for yourself and tell me there were only 20 people in Augusta on Wednesday! And even the pictures don’t do justice to the crowd of nearly 200.

As for their Manchester, NH, stop a day later? Well, we again counted about 50-100 for their side, and another 40-50 for our side. The Nashua Telegraph again put the tally at "about 100 opponents." But not so, Brian. He says his side alone had:

"roughly 150-200 in Manchester on Thursday"

Uh huh.

Oh, but then comes what both Brian and I consider to the "favorite so far." This quip, in which he claims there were "around 100" NOM supporters in Albany yesterday, and that the bloggers who took the photos of the rainbow umbrella protesters were actually shooting before the event had started:

My favorite so far, though, is the blog this morning “reporting” that our Albany rally was poorly attended . . . and the rally hadn’t even started yet!

They so badly want us to fail that they’re even willing to say the rally failed before it even happens.

Only thing? We TOTALLY see Jennifer Roback Morse speaking in this pic, with nowhere near 100 people listening:

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Or here's another from during Rev. Jason McGuire's speech. Brian is there attentively listening, indicating that things are well in swing. But the crowd is still unimpressive:

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Here's the most generous pic we've seen yet, once again from Roback Morse's speech:

4803240702 8Ba3842025

Still not 100, even if you count the colorful protestors from our side. And all of these pics were taken during the rally, not before it, like Brian claims. If there truly were100 NOM supporters there, then they were even more transparent then Brian's uber-fallacious, messenger-attacking attempts to get ahead of the terrible press that's following this NOM tour!

Oh, and as we've said before: With the loads of press and tons out online outreach effort that has accompanied this tour, NOM should be PACKING 'EM IN! Honestly, we were expecting them to. But the simple truth is that they are not. At all.

*SOURCE for all of Brian's claims

*Oh, and funny you didn't mention that tire, Brian.

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