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NOM wants it both ways; we plan to give it to them double time

by Jeremy Hooper

Okay, it's fact recap time.

FACT: On their official Twitter page, the National Organization For Marriage now lists the frequently incendiary "Protect Marriage" Facebook page as their own official one:

Screen Shot 2010-07-15 At 9.26.29 Am-1
[SOURCE: NOM's official Twitter feed]

They made this choice. They had their own Facebook: NOM just chose to transfer to the other.

FACT: Anyone who is tasked with serving as a moderator who speaks for this Facebook page can now quite fairly be said to be speaking for NOM's agenda. Now, I'm not talking about every Joe or Jane who is on the page -- when a layperson's quotes are highlighted, this site has made a point of noting that these unofficial voices are simply voices of support, not voices of organizational structure. But when the moderators speak under the official Facebook name: Well if NOM wants to claim this page and these supporters as their own, then they have claimed the moderators too!

FACT: If NOM is uncomfortable with what the moderators are saying, then it is THEIR responsibility to make changes. Either change the moderators or repudiate the page. But do not --DO NOT! -- shoot the messengers who take note of what's going on!

Okay, now that out of the way: Check out these Tweets that Louis Marinelli, the incendiary creator of this "Protect Marriage" Facebook, just sent our way:

Screen Shot 2010-07-15 At 9.24.37 Am
Screen Shot 2010-07-15 At 9.24.51 Am
[SOURCE: @oneman_onewoman]

Now, we'd assume that the NOM pals with whom he is currently on tour pressured Lou to make this distinction. But the reality: There is no clarification to be made! NOM cannot have it both ways! They cannot claim this Facebook page and its several hundred thousand followers as their own and then proceed to say, "Oh, but no -- the officially-designated moderators on that page aren't part of us." It just doesn't work that way!

And even the supporters who have posted some truly crazy things on the Facebook wall: While again, it's not fair to link these independent voices directly to the larger organization, it is absolutely fair to say that these voices are speaking in support of NOM's agenda. Because this "Protect Marriage" Facebook is 95% NOM-specific. In logo, in "news" postings, in event listings, etc. The people motivated to speak are doing so largely because of NOM's teachings. So again, when NOM chose to absorb this page as part of their larger structure, they did so with full knowledge of what's been going on there. Or at least they should've. And if they see all of the eyebrow-raising things that we are seeing, then they need to say something about them!

So sorry, Lou: It's not our job to change your properties. Your fires are your own. And now, by their own choice: Your fires are part of NOM!

And by the way: If Brian or Maggie have something to say to me, they can say it to me directly. [email protected].


*And now this:

Screen Shot 2010-07-15 At 9.43.27 Am-1


And he's currently on NOM's tour, driving their damn RV! This most likely comes with some sort of stipend. At the very least, it comes with a degree of credence for Marinelli's work!

Then he says this:

Screen Shot 2010-07-15 At 9.43.37 Am-1

"get with the times"? Says the man who continues to use a 1972 document to say that the modern gay movement is seeking "pedophilia, polygamy, and prostitution."

And it's a funny thing, reference. People typically only label themselves something if the label is, in fact, true. At least that's how I operate. So what changed between now and March 15? Was Marinelli fired as strategist, Did NOM demand silence, or was he simply lying? Because it's one of the three.

And it wasn't just March 15 either. He was once quite confident about "working directly" for NOM:


So again: Stop shooting the messenger!

And there's one more:

Screen Shot 2010-07-15 At 9.43.44 Am-1

Well again, Lou: You might enjoy your independence. But as long as NOM is absorbing your Facebook page as their own and putting you behind the wheel of their tour vehicle (and other things, like their Tumblr page), then your independent org. is, in fact, affiliated with NOM! Nobody ever said you are the exact same group: But your mission, by NOM's own choice, is now one and the same. Just like with NOM's other affiliates (like the Ruth Institute, for one).

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