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Video: 'Slurs are Fun' with WorldNetDaily

by Jeremy Hooper

Like our pals at Box Turtle Bulletin, we missed this "WorldNetDaily exclusive commentary" when it first hit. But now, well, uhm -- just watch:


Isn't that cute? Not even denying that the slur happened, but actually shrugging it off as apparently fitting. And right there on a conservative "news" site that runs Ann Coulter, Chuck Norris, and a whole host of other "mainstream" GOP voices.

B. Frank might be the target. But it's these far-right voices every-increasing willingness to be frank that will ultimately blow up in their faces!


**UPDATE: In an odd, unrelated coincidence, Joe.My.God also made note of Ms. D.J. Dolce today: World Net Daily's Unfunny Comedian Is Extra Super Unfunny [JMG]

**UPDATE2: Apparently Ms. Dolce is Molotov Mitchell's wife. Yep, the guy who (among his many anti-gay videos) once defended the backers of Uganda's anti-gay laws, saying they are "more American than Americans."

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