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It's official: Focus angers God, pays Price

by Jeremy Hooper

It was just over a month ago that we were listening to "former homosexual" Caleb Price tell us that God "will not bless a nation economically when its citizens have turned their backs on not only Him, but also His design for creation and humans who bear His image as male and female." 201008021618Yet despite this <sarcasm>obviously on point, totally factual, oh-so-mainstream economic and sexuality messaging</sarcasm>, we've just learned that Caleb is among the 110 employees who Focus on the Family has pink slipped in their latest round of company layoffs:

Focus on the Family Announces Budget Reductions [Focus on the Family]

Wow, FoTF -- you had 1400 employees in 2002 and now you're down to 750? So using your own former spokesperson's own fiscal logic: You all must have REALLY pissed off the big guy for him to turn his back on you that fully! Oy vey!

But you know, if you all would stop trying to melt our wedding rings and repurpose them into Kirk Cameron commemorative coins, then perhaps you'd regain his economic blessing. Give it some thought.


***UPDATE: While Focus staffers initially told this site that Price is gone, a spokesperson now tells us that he will continue to write and offer analysis from time to time as a consultant.

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