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Kupelian shows 200-year-old hard-on; Suddenly 'judicial activism' claims don't sound so bad

by Jeremy Hooper

WorldNetDaily writer David Kupelian is expressing what seems like nostalgia for the days when judges could be either subjected to a duel or run out of town via pitchforked mob. Just a heads up, likely swing vote Anthony Kennedy:

"The gay rights movement has also been engaged for many years in a stunningly effective marketing campaign, as I have documented in detail, laying the groundwork for the Supreme Court's eventual imposition of its will on the entire nation. And since the current Supreme Court is likely split on gay marriage 4 to 4, Screen Shot 2010-08-17 At 1.48.28 Pmone black-robed man will again decide the future of Western Civilization.

Don't give him permission to vote the wrong way.

What do I mean? Can you imagine what would have happened had a judge ruled in 1810 instead of 2010 – two centuries ago – that it's perfectly fine for men to marry men? The probable outcome would have been: A) He would have been impeached – before lunch – and that's if he were lucky. B) If he were not lucky, he would have been challenged to a duel, or C) he would have been so fearful of the outraged population that he would have slipped out of town on an early stagecoach, never to be heard from again.
Good, decent Americans are losing the war over "gay rights" – even though they have been winning virtually all of the battles – because they're surrendering! State election after state election proves voters do not want same-sex marriage. Why retreat when you're winning?

Say no. Stop giving permission for the forces of corruption and confusion to transform your country so that your children grow up in a land unrecognizable to our founding fathers.
Why conservatives are abandoning the 'gay' issue [WND]

Unrecognizable to our founding fathers? Well gee, we're actually pretty glad that the reanimated founding fathers would have a few head-scratchers. Because we like our women to have rights. And we like free Black citizens. And Polio vaccines. And iPads. And the freedom to marry regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation. Oh, and LGBT people who are respected enough to not be likened to a plague that stems from Pandora' box!

Wait, what's that? We're actually still fighting for that last one? In the very same article, Mr Kupelian also likened us to one of Pandora's plagues?

"In the end, there are only two choices: Either we acknowledge as a society, with love and tolerance, that there is something wrong with homosexuality – as we affirmed for centuries, from the Pilgrims' time until just recently – or we go into terminal denial and tell each other homosexuality is perfectly normal and healthy. If we go that way, we are denying the core moral lessons not just of Christianity and Judaism, but of common sense, experience, medicine and history.

Once we rip the lid off Pandora's Box, we can't control what flies out. No tea party rally, no mid-term election, can put it back in the box. Therefore, my conservative friends, while you're fretting over the bad economy, and the unguarded border and the inmates running the asylum in Washington, think on these things also, and ask yourself:

If preserving America's moral values isn't worth fighting for, what is?

Oh. Well, we do still like iPads. And we also like to think that our reincarnated Founding Fathers would be intrigued with the always-changing world that has unfolded after them, not scared into believing that time should've stopped where their insight and when their hearts did.

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