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NOM ally Louis Marinelli goes wed-eating

by Jeremy Hooper

This comes from the National Organization for Marriage's bus driver, self-described strategist, and constant summer tour presence, Louis "gays want pedophilia, polygamy, and prostitution" Marinelli:

A piece of paper gives you access to a series of benefits afforded to married couples but it doesn't make you married.
4850370089 E42878Ea54 ZI say this because of this picture taken by one of our stalkers over at the NOM Tour Tracker.
It's a sign held by one of our opponents today in Des Moines (we held a good rally there earlier today at th State Capital) was holding a sign that said she was married to her parner [sic] for 9 months and was thanking the State of Iowa for that.

These people are not married.

Marriage is between a man and a woman and taking something and molding it into the shape of marriage and then giving it the name of marriage doesn't make it marriage! It is merely a mockery of marriage and that is what these so-called "same-sex marriages" amount to.
Update from the road: Iowa [Marinelli's One Man, One Woman site]

Then in his comments section, Marinelli goes on to say:

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Screen Shot 2010-08-02 At 12.32.42 Pm

A body of thoughts that really tells you everything you need to know about the anti-marriage equality movement. Because here we have a jurisdiction that does, empirically, have civil marriage equality on a state level. Civil marriage, we will remind you, is the only kind of marriage equality for which the organized LGBT activist movement is fighting. And it's in place. Right now. Today. In Iowa. Two men or two women can go to the city hall and get a license.

Yet Louis Marinelli, based on nothing but his own personal faith, says, "Nope, don't think so." Which is actually fine, he can hold whatever personal marriage standard he wants. In his world, a church ceremony might be a marital requirement. For his life and his wife, he can demand vows to be performed in the rain, on one leg, while balancing a turtle on the nose if he so chooses. Such is his prerogative. But the civil law and the requirements of citizens to obtain a civil marriage license are real and concrete things. Louis cannot change that with his thoughts, words, or ridiculous summer tours!

What Louis and his colleagues Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown don't seem to understand is that WE ARE NOT ASKING FOR THEIR "APPROVAL"! Approval is not theirs to give! And on that same token: Rights are not theirs to deny!

Louis is 100% allowed to look at this writer and tell me that my marriage is made of "weed." True to the nature of that label, my husband and I will probably look at him and laugh (before running out to get munchies). But Lou is not allowed to turn his hurtful horticultural war towards the independent judiciary, mowing down any marriage license that doesn't pass his smell test.

Louis may think that his heterosexual relationships smell like roses. His B.S. certainly does not!

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