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NOM redefines "live chat"

by Jeremy Hooper

Yesterday evening, NOM promised its readers, followers, and much coveted donors a Wed. afternoon live chat:

Screen Shot 2010-08-04 At 7.25.26 Pm

But what happened? Well, 200+ people gathered over at the site of the live chat, but NOM never showed. Or actually, that's not entirely right -- after making people wait for twenty minutes, Brian Brown finally popped up -- on tape! No fielding of questions. No off-the-cuff, human reaction. No live chat. Just a taped speech!

And worse yet: The whole thing was just a glorified fundraiser! Listen in:

Screen Shot 2010-08-04 At 7.22.53 Pm

(click to play audio clip)

So essentially, NOM failed on its own promise, letting down both their own supporters and those who wanted to challenge their views in a firm but fair way. And to then BEG FOR MONEY?!?!?!? How gauche.


**SEE ALSO: The chat stream that probably explains the cold feet:

7:03 goodasyou: Let's get this show on the road
7:04 BananasMel: HAHAHAHA I just love your rubbish BREAKING NEWS insert Brian
7:04 goodasyou: Oh, the "breaking news" thing is hysterical. They even refer to NOM in the third person, as if it's an indepenent outlet
7:05 BananasMel: STAND BY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THUNDERBIRDS
7:05 goodasyou: The first day they started using the breaking news, I was in a room of bloggers at Netroots Nation. The room exploded in laughter when we saw the "Breaking News" banner
7:06 aberdeenalley: EQUALITY WINS!
7:06 BananasMel: Oh it was hilarious !!!! I couldn't stop laughing at how ridiculous it was !
7:07 BananasMel: The wheels on the iPhoto bus go round and round
7:07 psulioness11: LONG LIVE EQUALITY!
7:11 goodasyou: where's brian?
7:12 j_har: I bet if we would have won, he wouldn't have been late
7:13 goodasyou: i dont know about you, but this "we" did win
7:14 aberdeenalley: yes we did goodasyou!
7:14 ThatsNiceElliot: I can't hear anything...
7:14 j_har: there is nothing to hear this is a recording
7:15 ThatsNiceElliot: Oh so it hasn't started yet?
7:17 Breaking__News: He's still reading. It's quite compelling.
7:17 bananasmel: Why are we waiting....
7:18 bananasmel: They'll probably replace him with Dr J and then everythning's out of the window mahaha
7:18 goodasyou: Uhm, NOM, our time is valuable. Victory parties and all
7:20 bananasmel: I HAVEN'T GOT ALL DAY ! It's midnight in the UK you know Mr Brian Brownsuit
7:20 ThatsNiceElliot: Oh hai Brian!
7:20 bananasmel: Oh haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai
7:20 ThatsNiceElliot: You know that, Brian.
7:20 ThatsNiceElliot: Or at least you think you know that
7:21 ThatsNiceElliot: No right to redefine marriage!
7:21 ThatsNiceElliot: especially if you're trying to allow interracial marriage
7:21 bananasmel: I think he's gonna ask for money
7:21 bananasmel: HE ISSSSSSSSSSS !!!!
7:21 ThatsNiceElliot: Of course!
7:21 apeironcalamity: Money down a toilet hole that is.
7:21 ThatsNiceElliot: More money!
7:22 goodasyou: Wait a minute -- on video!?!!? He said this would be a live chat!
7:22 apeironcalamity: is that it?
7:22 goodasyou: But then again, cold feet is a marriage custom
7:22 ThatsNiceElliot: That's it?
7:22 ThatsNiceElliot: That's what we've been waiting 20 minutes for xD
7:22 goodasyou: Wow. NOM let's down it's own followers, failing to deliver on its own promises
7:22 bananasmel: That's it , ask for money , make invalid argument , ask for money
7:22 goodasyou: it's = its
7:23 goodasyou: But they did give me an easy post on a high traffic day
7:24 bananasmel: NOM FAIL - You are the weakest link GOODBYE

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