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The National Organization For Marriage: Sore 'winners' whose improprieties have indebted America

by Jeremy Hooper

Over the weekend, @clarknt67 (G-A-Y friend Scott Wooledge) Tweeted about something we ourselves have mentioned on a few occasions: NOM's complete lack of concern for the 47.76% of California voters who opposed Proposition 8. And in a two word response, NOM Tweeted back something that fully demonstrates just how compassionless this organization is towards the citizens who they have shunned, and how non-concerned they are with the deep divisions that they're fomenting:

Screen Shot 2010-08-16 At 9.12.19 Am

"They lost!" That's all they can say. We're talking about a referendum where 13,402,566 valid votes were cast (constituting 79.42% of the state's population, with 340,611 additional votes tossed out as either invalid or blank), and where a relatively small margin of 590,602 separated the two sides. It's a vote that both exposed and fostered deep divisions. A tyrannical vote that never should have happened in the first place, since minority rights granted by the independent judiciary should not be subjected to the whims of majority opinion. A vote that a federal district judge has now found to have been legally out-of-line. Yet NOM's mentality when looking at said vote is to look at the opposition and say, "Nanny, nanny, boo boo"?! How thoroughly disgusting!

Nobody is denying that a bare majority of voters sided with NOM's disingenuous rhetoric. But what we are saying is that here in fair and free America, those who cast this unprovoked stone at their neighbor need to take responsibility for the wounds that their actions have opened! The California Supreme Court's May 2008 decision could have been the beginning of healing. It could've moved us past the Bush era marriage wars and into a period of peace. All it took was for groups like NOM to respect the court's role in all civil rights fights, past and present, and to understand that none of us have the right to use personally-held, primarily faith-based detestation to barely overrule the reasoned justices who dedicate their lives to understanding the constitutional implications of public policy. But instead, Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown, Bishop Cordileone, Frank Schubert, Jim Garlow, Andy Pugno, and the rest of the Prop 8 proponents relied on the whims of public opinion, wounding millions upon millions of California citizens and many million more nationwide via an incredibly costly vote that we're now learning is unable to withstand legal scrutiny. And that's a "win"?! Pscha!

If the NOMmers do not at the very least care about this other near-half of the population (and growing), then that is their prerogative. But we don't wanna ever again hear them accusing us of being the ones with a divisive, destructive agenda. Because we do care about our deeply divided nation. And we would say the SAME THING even if we had "won" at the polls!

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