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56 - 43 #DADT

by Jeremy Hooper

Couldn't get the 60 votes for cloture, repeal vote blocked. So it's official: Your United States, Democratic-led Senate just voted against/ failed to secure your most basic of human rights in the midst of partisan attacks.

[::sigh::] Why are you such a liar, Uncle Sam?


*Note: The vote was actually 57 to 42, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid switched his vote for procedural reasons, (so he bring the bill back to the floor at a later time).

*Other than the Reid procedural vote, Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor (both of Arkansas) were the only Democrat to join the unanimous Republican block [with (R) Lisa Murkowski abstaining].


*UPDATE: I'm still busy vomiting. Here, read some #DADT releases [G-A-Y]

*UPDATE 2: GOP senators + Blanche Lincoln: Basic right to fight and possibly die for nation < this press release [G-A-Y]

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