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Shockingly Misrepresented starring Cornerstone Policy Research (i.e. NOM by another name)

by Jeremy Hooper

New Hampshire's Cornerstone Policy Research (a major NOM affiliate) is running the following ad in local papers, specifically targeting one of the four Republican candidates vying for retiring U.S. Senator Judd Gregg's (D) seat:


Just like NOM and its allies have done to so many moderate Republicans: Narrow the big tent around them in hopes that he or she will suffocate. If the candidate so much as hums the wedding march in the presence of a gay couple, then they have no place in NOM/CPR's Republican party.

But as we said when we saw NOM/CPR's Binnie-centric TV ad: Many of the claims in this ad, while not bad even if they were true, are completely and unapologetically deceptive or flat-out wrong. Like just take the marriage portion -- here is what Binnie actually told The Concord Mornitor he's "excited" about:

Beginning Jan. 1, New Hampshire law will allow gay marriage, but will also offer legal protections to churches and clergy who choose not to perform gay marriages.

After the press conference, Binnie spokesman Colin Maynard said Binnie wanted to focus on economic issues. When pressed to clarify Binnie's stance on gay marriage, Maynard said Binnie supports New Hampshire's law because it allows churches to do what they are comfortable with.

"He's excited (the law) chose to give an option for gay couples to identify themselves as married within the law, but also having an opt-out for churches," Maynard said.
Binnie: Senate needs businessman [Concord Monitor, Nov. 5, 2009]

Yes, that's right: He expressed support for the extra religious protections in the New Hampshire law. You know, the very thing that should make social conservatives happy? That's what's Binnie's people cheered. And yet when passed through NOM's filter, Binnie's all of a sudden "a liberal gay activist" who should scare social conservatives.

Oh, or take that "doesn't like the Republican party line that supposedly comes from The Chicago Tribune. In actuality, this is what Binnie told the paper:

"I don't like the Republican Party because I'm pro-choice," said Binnie, a Bill Bradley supporter in 2000. "I don't like the Democratic Party because I think they waste and squander our resources and get sucked into class warfare all the time, which I find reprehensible. That's why I find myself sitting and straddling the fence."
independents a primary goal [Chicago Tribune]

Guess "I don't like the Democratic Party" wouldn't have sold as well to CPR's intended audience!

Or the abortion line: In truth, Binnie's explanation was much more (and much more personal) than just the idea that special needs kids cost money:

And look, we don't say any of this because we're pulling for the GOP's Binnie. We have no subjective dog in this particular hunt at this particular time. We're saying all this because the far-right's lies and misrepresentations weaken our democracy. It's conservatism with a capital CON. Americans deserve better.


*UPDATE: And considering Cornerstone Policy's own record of linking to reports from SPLC-designated hate groups like MassResistance or making the ridiculous claim that they had some superhuman polling power that allowed them to survey every single household in the state (a claim that even Focus on the Family admitted was inaccurate), perhaps this "pro-family" crew should be careful about referring to other people's political behaviors as "shocking."

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