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We wouldn't be so 'sharply divided', Mike, if your side's obtuse arguments weren't so oddly cutting

by Jeremy Hooper

Mike AdamsThe American Family Association and Townhall's Mike Adams:

"Even a slight movement in the direction of government-backed same-sex marriage will be disastrous. It will open the door on a number of troubling issues: Should bisexuals be permitted to marry two people? No one is raising the issue now. But they will.

As a nation, we have fallen a long way in recent years by pretending that abnormal things are normal. But now we are on the verge of pretending that the same abnormal things are actually desirable. And that is unconscionable.

The APA is not likely to cease its double standard of opposing gay re-orientation therapy while supporting gay-affirmation therapy. But society-at-large need not employ the same double-standard. After all, the average citizen has far more common sense than the average psychiatrist.

Contrary to what many believe, traditional marriage is not all about affirming love. In fact, many, if not most, of the world’s marriages are arranged.

Nor is the push for same-sex marriage all about affirming love. The life span of the average gay man is about twenty years shorter than the lifespan of the average heterosexual man. With consequences as grave as an early grave no man who truly loved another would engage in homosexual acts with him.

This debate is about more than two people in love. It is about two factions of society, which are sharply divided. One chooses to live in accordance with God’s word and the other chooses to live in rebellion against it.
Nothing Gay About It [AFA]


(A) Bisexuality does not equal a desire to have or marry multiple partners simultaneously. Capacity for attraction is limitless for anyone, LGBTorS. For everyone, monogamous commitment is a choice.

(B) Even those who loathe homosexuality look ridiculous when they label it as abnormal, considering its prevalence in the natural order of things. Personally, I don't care for most varieties of pears -- but they're still perfectly normal in our world. So too gays.

(C) "Re-orientation" and "affirmation" therapies are not equal counterparts. The APA rejects the former and supports the latter not because of a "double standard," but rather because of their commitment to a factual, scientific standard.

(D) Yeah, Adams: you social conservatives are really going to start using arranged marriages as a supportive argument for their side? Because honestly, dude, that "traditional" variety of matrimony would seem to help us, not you all.

(E) Twenty year shorter lifespans for gay men? Personally, if we have a widely discredited researcher like Paul Cameron on our side, we would stop using his work. But apparently the AFA/Mike Adams thinks associating with someone who has been kicked out of the APA is a plus. After all "the average citizen has far more common sense than the average psychiatrist" -- right?

(F) When the government starts banning atheists from marriage and requiring that a religious ceremony always accompany the civil marriage, then we'll move out of the country entertain the "God's word" idea. Until then, Mr. Adams, you keep your deity's sexy whispers confined to your own marriage, and we'll proudly keep our rebel yell directed at those who use their own personal faith relationships to define everyone else's daily life. And we'll continue to believe that any creator who'd give us the capacity to think and feel and question the way that we do might just join us on the protest lines, not you.

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