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Yea, thanks a lot, John McCain

by Jeremy Hooper

Peter LaBarbera, Jan. 2010:

"There is a huge market for “gay” military porn because lots of homosexual men are turned on by “straight-acting,” “macho” (masculine) men. I realize it’s a sick comparison, but just as many women like a “man in uniform,” so do homosexual men. On Jan. 29, 2010, a Google search on the three words “gay military porn” (no quote marks) yielded “about 1,300,000″ entries. “Gay Military Porn” (in quote marks) yielded 34,300 entries. This is a huge (and very twisted) business, and obviously the demand is high among men with a homosexual problem.

The last thing our fighting men and women need is to have the military floodgates opened up for homosexual men and lesbians to join as open practitioners of homosexuality. That would put men who are sexually attracted to men, and women to women, in tight bunking situations, showers, etc., with servicemembers of the same sex. Remember: homosexuality is not an “identity” issue (sorry, Warren Throckmorton) or a “civil rights” issue; it’s a BEHAVIORIAL
[sic] issue, and welcoming in men and women who are tempted to practice – or inclined to practice — disordered same-sex behavior is wrong and detrimental to the morale, effectiveness and readiness of our Armed Forces." [SOURCE]

Peter LaBarbera, April 2010:

"Lt. Choi is caught up in a media-approved crusade, which he sees as a quest for “integrity” but which in reality is nothing but sexual deviancy activism. Homosexual behavior is immoral and degrading to the soul of those who practice it and to any institution — including the Armed Forces — that “tolerates” it (or worse, celebrates it). Imagine what our military will become if — under Obama’s leadership — it capitulates to “queer” militancy and opens itself up to the full promotion of homosexuality at every level. This will surely lead to a mass exodus of tradition-minded soldiers and sailors who did not sign up for military service to have their religious and moral values abused.

Lt. Choi, a bright but confused and over-indulged young man, should be dishonorably discharged from the National Guard post haste. Failure to do so will only chip away at the morale of servicemen who might rightly wonder which other military codes will go unenforced due to Obama’s leftist political considerations.

P.S. Please pray for this young man, Dan Choi, that he will accept the Bible’s truth about homosexuality as a sin habit that can be overcome, and that he will one day join the growing ranks of former homosexuals. To learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, see
[anti-scientific "ex-gay" website] or call [anti-scientific "ex-gay" phone number]." [SOURCE]

Peter LaBarbera, May 2010:

"Like Peter Sprigg of Family Research Council, I believe that “homosexuals” [for purposes here: people who practice homosexuality or claim a (deviant) sexual attraction to members of the same sex] should not serve in the military. That is the law. But think back to the days of [Aubrey] Sarvis’ youth 40 years ago — when homosexuality was much more condemned by society than it is today. If men or women were capable of serving (as secret homosexuals) then — without major difficulties — what is behind the current, politically manufactured “gays-in-the-military “crisis” that supposedly necessitates a revolution in our military conduct policy during wartime?

The answer is “gay pride” — which is a military and national priority only in the minds of homosexual advocates and their liberal allies like our current Commander-in-Chief. Discreet and celibate homosexuals have long served and continue to serve in the military — often after lying about their homosexuality to get in (which calls into question all that “gay” blather about “honesty” and “integrity”). But the fact that the nation’s leading homosexuals-in-the-military activist acknowledges that it was “not a big deal” for him to serve in the Army decades ago (Sarvis was in for more than three years) shows that — on a practical level — the issue is not really about homosexuals serving in the military.

No, Sarvis and fellow homosexual crusaders want servicemen and servicewomen who identify as homosexuals to serve as “out and proud gays and lesbians” –and to be affirmed as such by other servicemen, and by the Armed Forces’ bureaucracy. They already “serve in silence,” but they demand the “right” to do so loudly and proudly — traditional military values be damned.
In other words, GLBT activists — driven by the need to justify their immoral and unnatural lifestyle — seek to transform the conservative culture of the U.S. military to approve of “proud” homosexuality and bisexuality, even if that means spending millions of taxpayer dollars on “attitudinal adjustment” for all the soldiers, sailors and airmen who either oppose homosexuality or don’t wish to see it celebrated. If Congress caves in to this “gay” agenda, it would help drive out tens of thousands of high caliber, tradition-minded servicemen from the military

Peter LaBarbera, Sep. 2010:

"This is what we’re up against — not just for today’s critical vote on homosexuals in the military (commonly misnamed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”) but in trying to preserve truth for younger Americans who are, in effect, brainwashed on homosexuality. (And that is hardly an overstatement given the level of ignorance about the LGBT agenda that we’re seeing, even among Christian and pro-life youths.)" [SOURCE]

And finally: Peter LaBarbera, September 21, 2010:

"America owes a debt of gratitude to Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for leading the fight against the Democratic leadership’s destructive and reckless attempt to homosexualize the military by ending the ban on homosexual servicemen."
Thank you, John McCain: Republicans Block Repeal of Military’s Homosexual Exclusion Law [AFTAH]

Congratulations, Senator McCain. You truly have become a maverick.


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