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Since gay commitments have so clearly destroyed DC, Harry Jackson still committed to destroying them

by Jeremy Hooper

Mmm hmm, of course he did this:

Today, Bishop Harry Jackson – who pastors a Maryland congregation and has been the leading voice against marriage equality in the District of Columbia – petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to hear a case attempting to put the rights of District citizens up to a vote of the people.
DC Marriage Equality Opponents Make Last Ditch Supreme Court Appeal [HRC Backstory]

Chances of this getting out of the gate? Slim to none.

Chances of SCOTUS stepping in when the lower courts have so clearly rejected the merits of Jackson's quest? Slim to Alito.

Chances of Harry Jackson giving up this fight and moving on to actual things that actually affect society? Slim to cash-in opportunities drying to.

**The petition:

Harry Jackson's petition to SCOTUS

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