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Today at 1:30 (ET): Our law is Murphy's Law; on its repeal, Murphy's real deal

by Jeremy Hooper

-Don't Ask Don't Tell is back in force, thanks to a Justice Department appeal to a sympathetic ninth circuit.

-Servicemembers like Dan Choi have more questions than answers for President Obama, whose silence through all this is startling (and who couldn't even bother to put on a purple tie or pocket square in solidarity with yesterday's Spirit Day -- really?).

-Plus we all know what recently happened in the Senate, where a Republican minority managed to derail a repeal bill with the same offensive arguments that make gays sound more like live grenades than f'ing human beings!

-And just yesterday I was in Bloomingdales, where there was a plain, no frills camouflage shirt that, due to the designer label placed upon it, was selling for a whopping 200 bucks! Clearly another anti-gay conspiracy.

We supporters of basic fairness, basic progress, and basic human decency have understandable agita. So why not come blow off some of that steam today at 1:30PM ET, when this site, along with our pals at OpenLeft, AMERICABlog, Pam's House Blend, The Bilerico Project, Screen Shot 2010-10-21 At 8.36.03 Amhost a live webchat with a true leader on DADT repeal: Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-PA).

Here's what our friend and colleague Adam Bink has to say about the good congressman:

One of the more interesting races to watch has been that of Rep. Patrick Murphy, Democrat of Pennsylvania. The Hill poll out today has him up 46-43 over former Republican Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick, a remarkable swing from a poll that had him down double-digits just a few weeks ago. Murphy has always been of interest to me because he was the original co-sponsor and leader on the successful effort to pass repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell in the House- something stand-up for this straight veteran to do from a challenging district with a strong challenger lining up (despite the numbers on DADT, everyone was telling him to focus solely on jobs, jobs, jobs and stay away from those gay issues. Needless to say, he ignored them). He counted the votes and worked hard on the inside. [SOURCE]

The gentleman from Pennsylvania's worth a look, right?

And the fun thing: We're going to be getting Murphy just an hour or so after his final campaign debates with GOP challenger Mike Fitzpatrick, so the concept of answering tough questions will be fresh on his mind. Or I guess on the flip, one could assume that the debate fatigue might make him all like, "ugh, more questions -- and this time with people in pajamas?" But no, we'd like to think it's the former instead.

So come one, come all. All the recent highs and undeniable lows lead many writers to describe the DADT saga as a roller coaster, though few can deny that Rep. Murphy is on the apex side of that particular literary advice. Let's pick his brain.


*SEE ALSO: Philadelphia Inquirer endorses: Inquirer Editorial: Best choice is Murphy [Philly.com]

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