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Video: Condescending Conservatism with Brian Brown

by Jeremy Hooper

- If gays didn't know that men and women are different, then there would be such thing as homosexuality. Or heterosexuality, for that matter. It's because we as people, LGBT or S, understand these differences that we are driven to have the kinds of sex that we were designed to have.

- The kid argument is a cleverly designed straw man meant to trap up marriage equality advocates. DON'T. PLAY. INTO. IT! Up until the day that the National Organization For Marriage makes reproduction a civil marriage requirement, we who wish to have a grown up conversation about adult citizens' right to have a legally recognized civil marriage win this conversation without ever opening our mouths!

- Brian Brown can raise his children however he wants. Nobody -- NO.BOD.Y -- is stopping him. But he doesn't get to determine family fitness for the rest of the billions of humans who were born onto what the most of us call Earth, but what Brian seems think would be better known as Planet Me.

And now, Brian:

NOM’s Brian Brown: “A man can’t nurture and take care of a baby”

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