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Video: Ken Buck's most credible science: Ken bucks most credible science

by Jeremy Hooper

Republican tea drinker Ken Buck really, really, wants to unseat Democratic incumbent Michael Bennet to become Colorado's next U.S. Senator. And he just might win, as long as doesn't start hitting the bottle of Jack or Jim a little too hard. Or, alternately: The bottle of potion that makes Jack and Jim hard for each other:

Oh yes: The "it's a choice because one chooses one's partner" explanation of sexuality. Which would of course mean that Ken Buck is just one relatively minor choice away from grabbing David Gregory and making him his love pundit. Sitting there, looking in each other's eyes, when suddenly Mr. Buck sees a tuft of grey drop down from Gregory's perfectly styled coif. "Ooh, let me get that for you, Dave," purrs a coquettish Buck as his hand drifts past Gregory's furrowed brow. Gregory, having his own choice to make, keeps his cards close to his pocket square. But there's a commercial break coming up and choices. must. be. made. gentleman. Does Ken act? Does Gregory buck his way? Do the two invite Bennet in for a nonpartisan menage? If next week's "Today" show interview is via satellite, might Matt an/or Meredith choose to engage in a sexy cam session with the GOP challenger?

What did Ken choose? When did he choose? Why did he choose what (and who) he did? How is he so certain about his choices, unless his own story is filled with a constant stream of Option A and Option B decisions, wherein attractions involve either soft lips or razor stubble, depending on the wind (with a little bit of bithin' thrown in)?

Only Ken knows the answers to these questions. Our more important concern: Whether or not Colorado voter will demand some explanation, or if they'll just go ahead and send to the Senate a man who may boil up a fury in order to make TEA, but who surely boils down sexuality in order to brew division.


*HRC responds:

HRC to Ken Buck: You’re a Dangerous Extremist Who Needs to Get His Facts Right

WASHINGTON – Today on NBC’s Meet the Press, Colorado Republican Senate candidate and Tea Party darling, Ken Buck called homosexuality a choice and compared it to alcoholism – a theory debunked by the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association. Buck’s extremist views and prior lapses of judgment show he is not worthy of representing the citizens of Colorado in U.S. Senate. The Human Rights Campaign – the nation’s largest LGBT civil rights organization – in partnership with One Colorado, call on Mr. Buck to correct his dangerous statements immediately.

“Mr. Buck’s ill-informed views are not only factually inaccurate, but they are extremely dangerous,” said HRC President Joe Solmonese. “In the past six weeks a number of teenagers have taken their own lives after being the victims of anti-gay bullying and harassment. When public figures like Mr. Buck make statements like he did today, kids struggling with their identities question their self-worth and other kids justify bullying. Ken Buck must correct his remarks now.”
“This is yet another in a long line of examples showing that Ken Buck is out of touch with the majority of Coloradans,” said One Colorado Executive Director Brad Clark. “Instead of focusing on common values of respect for all people, Buck is spewing divisive, extreme rhetoric. His claim that homosexuality is a choice is yet another example of his extreme views falling out of step with everyday Coloradans.”

Buck’s judgment is lacking. In 2005, as the Weld County, CO district attorney, he declined to prosecute a rape suspect, saying the details appeared to show the victim consented to the sexual encounter. Buck accused the victim of having “buyer’s remorse,” and regretting her relationship with the perpetrator.
In an interview after his appearance on Meet the Press, Buck said issues affecting the LGBT community will not come before the Senate. In reality, the Senate will likely take up over a dozen pieces of equality-related legislation. After being pressed on his comments that being gay is a choice, Buck said he is not a biologist and has not studied the issue.
“It is evident that Ken Buck’s views are out of line with the fair-minded people of Colorado,” Solmonese added. “He has proven to the people that he lacks good judgment and cannot be trusted to serve in the United States Senate. He says he is not an expert on LGBT issues. He will be making a lot of choices about issues he is not an expert on. We now know his extremist ideology will always win out.”

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