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77 Reasons For Which Trees Needlessly Gave Their Lives

by Jeremy Hooper

Have $75 burning a hole in your pocket and scores of friends you care to indoctrinate with the belief that opposition to gay couples' civil equality -- *all* of which is undeniably rooted in certain people's personal faith views, regardless of the political framework that's been shaped and molded to support he discrimination -- is actually a logical position to take here in a fair and free America? Well then you're in luck, you oddly prioritized citizen of this great nation, for National Organization For Marriage affiliate Jennifer Roback Morse is out with a new pamphlet which attempts to provide cover for the modern anti-rights movement. And eager beavers can stock up for the low price of seventy-five hundred pennies per one hundred units:

77Reasons Lrg
Product Details [Ruth Institute]

Oh J-Ro-Mo: you can pamphlet-ize as many as you wish. You can deny that your impetus is dripping in religion (catholic in your case). You can list 177 "reasons" if you'd like. Reason itself has already written the script -- equality wins!

But the best part of the whole thing? Check out the stock photo that shadows the pamphlet. It's US Route 77, a paved path that starts way down in Texas and steadily rises until it reaches its high point in same-sex marriage-having Iowa. A perfect metaphor for the route equality will inevitably take, Roback Morse's roadblocks or not.

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