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Brian Brown warns of the closet and second-class citizenship. His.

by Jeremy Hooper

Here's Brian Brown writing in the National Organization For Marriage's latest e-blast:

We cannot stand on the sidelines, or stay in our comfort zones. We have to have the courage to reach across our differences to what we share in common--to defend the common good, the good of children, the truth about human sexual power and passion, and the urgent moral need to sacrifice to protect, defend and renew marriage: to build marriages and a marriage culture which can create a next generation who are loved by the mothers and fathers who made them.

Uhm, you can't stand on the sideline? Brian, you're a grown, straight man who made the professional choice to solely focus on same-sex marriage for the better part of a decade, and who then turned that focus into a high-paying D.C. career, working on K Street with the country's most aggressively anti-marriage equality organization, going on television to turn civil rights in a political debate, and touring around the nation in a bus for the solitary reason of telling the local community that their gay neighbors are unfit for an equal sliver of America's promised pie. It's because you refuse to stand back in stay in the comfort zone that you freely enjoy by virtue of your heterosexuality that LGBT people and their equal-minded allies cannot do the same!

Then there's this:

Robby George is one of my heroes because he fearlessly takes the voice of reason into the heart of darkness of the Ivy League and emerges as triumphant proof that faith and reason can be combined!

The "heart of darkness of the Ivy League"?! Right, because that's what's wrong with this country: Our finest institutions of higher learning. Damn dark hearted overachievers! Some of them even learn the constitution and become judges. Silly fake Americans.

And then this:

They want to use your tax dollars to indoctrinate your children and grandchildren--and they want to do it whether parents "like it or not." Trumping parents' rights is their movement's goal.

That's the new face of tolerance and diversity in America.

That's why we cannot afford to back down in this great fight.

To lose this fight is to face second-class citizenship in our own country. To back down is to agree to go into a closet--and worse, to stuff Genesis and its truths into a closet, as some kind of shameful poison that children should not be exposed to.

I won't let that happen on my watch--will you?

Okay, now I really might vomit. Like seriously. Like I can taste lunch rising up. Like I'm not joking. Like here it comes. Like you're really gonna have to hold on a second.

[::writer finds nearest toilet, purges the fetid discrimination-in-a-blanket that just poisoned his system::]

Sorry. Where were we? Oh yea: YOU THINK YOU ARE THE ONE FACING SECOND-CLASS CITIZENSHIP AND THE THREAT OF AN OPPRESSIVE CLOSET, BRIAN?!?!? Then tell me, brother: Is your FantasyLand really as blissfully negligent as you make it sound, or do you just have a particularly crafty tourism department? Because someone over there in the NOM offices is either instinctively shunning the undeniable real world evidence showing the needless pain, inequality, and worse that stems from anti-gay attitudes, or you all are working day and night to craft one industrial strength pair of blinders!

But of course all of this rhetoric paining gays as falling outside of Genesis is totally kosher in the "traditional values" realm, just as long as the writer ends with something like this:

God bless and keep you and your family always!

Only problem: Whereas we could and would genuinely wish well to Brian's family and truly mean it, Brian can say it to us until he's blue in the face, and he will never have the intellectual capital to mean any part of it. Sadly, his years of chosen actions against our families have more than obliterated that possibility.


*Brian's full email:


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