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FRC's latest: Poll = Bull; Bull= Crap

by Jeremy Hooper

A new Family Research Council survey purports to show that "almost 63 percent of active duty and retired military families oppose overturning the policy prohibiting open homosexuality in the military." But honestly, about all we need to know can be found in these two lines:

43% [of respondents] are supporters of the Tea Party movement (3,691 people).

Demographically, 62% are pro-life, 70% support traditional marriage 70% are historical contributors, 45% are male and 71% are 50 years of age or older.

Nearly 3/4 are over fifty? 43% support the Tea Party? 70% support the code-worded concept of "traditional marriage"? Plus retired and active, servicemember and family member, are all tossed together as one big block of respondents? Puh-leeze! This is nowhere near a fair sample.

Combine this sample with the weighted questions about "open homosexual behavior," and what you have is more of the same kind of obfuscation that landed FRC on the Southern Poverty law Center's latest hate groups list. The mainstream media should accept it in the same way.


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