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Keep talking about the SPLC list, kiddies. We love bearing *actual* witness!

by Jeremy Hooper

Screen Shot 2010-12-20 At 9.07.12 AmThe Family Research Council: Senior Policy Fellow Peter Sprigg has called for gays' criminalization and/or deportation. President Tony Perkins describes the LGBT rights fight as a battle of "good versus evil," (watch around the :50 mark) and likes to say that his opponents are "held captive by the enemy." And in practice, FRC does things like liken same-sex marriage to men having sex with horses, or blame gay suicide victims for being "abnormal."

Screen Shot 2010-12-20 At 9.07.44 AmAmerican Family Association: Bryan Fischer, the man who AFA has put front and center over the past year, is has said that "homosexuals in the military gave us...six million dead Jews," has said "homosexuals should be disqualified from public office," has called on Christian conservatives to breed gays and progressives out of existence, has called gay sex a "form of domestic terrorism," has said only gays were savage enough for Hitler, has compared gays to heroin abusers, has directly compared laws against gay soldiers to those that apply to bank robbers, once invoked a Biblical story about stabbing "sexually immoral" people with spears, saying we need this kind of action in modern day, has spoken out against gays serving as public school teachers, has questioned why Medals of Honor are given to people who save lives (rather than take lives), says that open service will "assign the United States to the scrap heap of history," has blamed gay activists for dead gay kids, saying that: "If we want to see fewer students commit suicide, we want fewer homosexual students." His words pretty much single-handedly landed the American Family Association on the Southern Poverty Law Center's hate groups list.

Screen Shot 2010-12-20 At 9.08.49 AmIllinois Family Institute: IFI's Director of School Advocacy Laurie Higgins recently likened gay couples to incestuous ones, saying that: "Incestuous relations between consenting adults is no more depraved and perverse than sexual relations between two men or two women, which we now celebrate in our streets and our public schools." In the past, Laurie raised eyebrows when she drew a comparison between churches who didn't speak out against the Holocaust and churches that currently fail to speak out against homosexuality (which she then tried to roll back, unsuccessfully)

Screen Shot 2010-12-20 At 9.07.26 AmTraditional Values Coalition: Chief spokesperson Andrea Lafferty said that DADT repeal proponents constitute "a domestic enemy in our Congress and among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender activist groups who seek to exploit the military for their political gain" and suggested that open service constitutes a "massacre" of the military." She's also accused President Obama of caring about nothing "except Islam and the undermining of our nation," and has had TVC staffers Photoshop him both in front of the burning WTC towers and onto a Nazi propaganda poster. Andrea also once labeled a Congressional hearing concerning transgender nondiscrimination as nothing more than a "freak show." And TVC routinely claims that there are anywhere from thirty to hundreds of different paraphilias (like sex with an amputees stump, feces play, etc.) that classify as sexual orientations (and therefore classify for rights protections) as a way of derailing measures like the Employment NonDiscrimination Act (which, incidentally, TVC calls the "Barney Frank She-Male Shower Bill"). Not to mention putting Jesus on Wanted posters as a way to pit that particular religious figure against gays who support hate crime protections.

Dove World Outreach:

Those are just five of the groups that the Southern Poverty Law Center includes on its anti-gay "hate groups" list. And in all cases there are hundreds more examples we could pull from our six year archives. We could do the same for other listees like MassResistance (standing outside public bathrooms with video cameras rolling), Scott Lively's Abiding Truth Ministries (strong support for Uganda's insane "Kill The Gays Bill," which Scott said was a "step in the right direction") or Peter LaBarbera's Americans For Truth (in the past three months, Pete has thrice lifted my and my husband's wedding photo and written the world "perversion" on it, in posts not even pertaining to anything I've written or done beyond being gay). Because we pay attention. When one pays attention, he or she sees what's really going on in this so-called "culture war."

But of course figures on the religious right (i.e. the ones who declared this "culture war) are still refusing to take responsibility for the clear, demonstrable reality of SPLC selectees, so as to instead take on the victim role. Something that Witherspoon Institute fellow Matthew J. Frank did in the pages of The Washington Post -- THE. WASHINGTON. POST! -- on Friday:

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a once-respected civil rights organization, publishes a "report" identifying a dozen or so "anti-gay hate groups," some for no apparent reason other than their vocal opposition to same-sex marriage. Other marriage advocacy groups are put on a watch list.
The SPLC's report on "hate groups" gives the game away. It notes that no group is listed merely for "viewing homosexuality as unbiblical." But when describing standard expressions of Christian teaching, that we must love the sinner while hating the sin, the SPLC treats them as "kinder, gentler language" that only covers up unreasoning hatred for gay people. Christians are free to hold their "biblical" views, you see, but we know that opposition to gay marriage cannot have any basis in reason. Although protected by the Constitution, these religious views must be sequestered from the public square, where reason, as distinguished from faith, must prevail.

Marginalize, privatize, anathematize: These are the successive goals of gay-marriage advocates when it comes to their opponents.

In the gay marriage debate, stop playing the hate card [WaPo]

So there are two options here: (1) Mr. Franck is willfully bearing false witness so as to protect his own interests, or (2) He has not done enough homework to actually write the piece that he penned and WaPo printed. In either scenario, he is wrong and needs to publicly correct the record.

Though considering this is the "pro-family," "values voter" community we are talking about and that it is the 20th of December and not the 12 of Never, we will not hold our breath for a retraction/apology.


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