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Dear NOM: You're going to lose the hubris war.

by Jeremy Hooper

This from NOM Blog:

Mike Gronstal, the Democratic Majority Leader in the Iowa Senate is practically throwing his body in front of the door to the voting booth, promising to block a state marriage amendment no matter how many Iowans want it. And yet today he had the chutzpah to accuse Republicans of "[stopping] at nothing to take away the constitutional rights of Iowans"?

Mike, the constitution of Iowa gives the people the right to change their constitution--by a vote of both houses in the Iowa legislature two years running. Right now you are the one man taking away the right of Iowans to vote for marriage.

Mike Gronstal, Are You Kidding Us? [NOM Blog]

Women's right to vote.

Eighteen-year-olds' right to vote.

Heterosexuals' right to marry independent of race.

Atheist heterosexuals' right to marry without a church ceremony.

Nondiscrimination laws or various stripes.

Etc. etc.

The issue, NOM, is that you always talk about the people's "right" to change the constitution, but never mention the actual implications of changing the constitution in this way! If we were talking about a public, 50% + 1 vote wherein the majority might feasibly rollback the high court-tested right of any other population, you all would (rightly) be talking about what such a vote would mean in terms of our shared society and its fair recognition. But since it's gay people? Eh -- let "the people" vote against those people.

It's beyond hubris, NOM. You are trafficking in cruel and discriminatory ideas, passing them on in the vehicle of marriage through a carefully-worded campaign...


...meant to mask all reality behind a layer of false "protection." It's PR, passed off as good citizenship.

And unfortunately, NOM, we don't have to ask whether or not you all are kidding, the way you've asked Mike Gronstal in your contrived blog post. We've more than felt the punch of your unfunny lines! Personally. Painfully.

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