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Judge not lest ye be judged (by Chuck Hurley and his personal anti-gayness)

by Jeremy Hooper

201101171334In the past, we've heard Iowa's leading "pro-family" advocate Chuck Hurley ask straight students to pray for the "healing of openly gay students." Plus during the recent judicial retention campaign, he also said that gays' civil marriages are "a degradation of God’s best design for the family." Then of course last week, we showed you how Hurley's host organization, Iowa Family Policy/The Family Leader, is peddling junk science which compares gays to cigarette smoking and therefore seeks their "healing."

Now the man who gets to rub shoulders with the likes of Mike Huckabee is back in the press, to tell us why, exactly, his personal, faith-based detestation for gays' CIVIL marriages is enough of a reason to force fair-minded members of the independent judiciary into early retirement. This from Radio Iowa:

“This court thinks they’re smarter than nature,” Hurley says. “…In the opinion, the justices said that they’re holding the constitution up to an evolving standard and our view is that some things, like marriage, are transcendent.”

Hurley says the judiciary needs to be “subordinate” to not only the other branches of government and to the people, but to the laws of nature. ”Sodomy was called a crime against nature for centuries,” Hurley says.

While Hurley plans to ask the chief justice to resign — and to convince the three other justices to follow him off the court — Hurley doesn’t expect [an upcoming meeting with chief justice of the Iowa Supreme Court Mark Cady] to be confrontational. "And as far as getting into hateful personality, casting aspersions, that’s not who I am and I don’t think that’s who Mark Cady is,” Hurley says.

Hurley, who is a lawyer, says impeachment is a “big deal” that requires serious contemplation, so The FAMily Leader organization isn’t ready to endorse impeaching the four justices who remain on the court.

“They could help heal this state quickly and resolve this issue,” Hurley says, “and orderly resign over time.”

Chief justice to meet critic of court’s gay marriage ruling [Radio Iowa]
(H/t: Towle)

Of course, Mr. Hurley's not into casting aspersions or espousing that which could be classified as "hate." No, no -- He's just painting gay human beings as healable crimes against nature in that nice, sweet, non-disparaging way. And he's asking judges to step down in the completely non-judgmental way. Right?

Because that's the way it all works on the other side. These folks are allowed to say and do and propagandize in whatever way they please (constitutions, credible science, fair judicial reads, and church/state separation be damned), with the rest of us told we must uncritically accept their anecdotal self-assessments, or else be painted as radical, religious freedom-hating militants. It's their world guided by their stakes -- we gay folk just get marginalized within it.

Oh, and if you didn't get the memo? Then good. Fantastic, actually. Because it's going to take a whole lot of us speaking truth to shunning if we want to stop this crowd's desired editing of the world's full and rich normalcy spectrum.

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