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In Old Line State, opp. movement fittingly states same old lines

by Jeremy Hooper

Md-1-2Well we're still having to defend our lives and loves rather than benignly enjoy both. But at least in Maryland, the local opposition to our civil marriage recognition is working from a playbook filled with case law, objective reads of state and federal founding documents, reasoned consideration of the vibrant role gay families play within our societal realm, and careful recognition of the delicate balance between religious freedom and state separation that we must both achieve and respect if we hope to live together in a fair, free, diverse America.

Ha! Just kidding. Most of its sounding like this:

“Marriage is so foundational to society,” said Wingard, speaking moments before visiting her lawmakers and asking them to vote against same-sex marriage.

“We don’t just lay eggs and abandon them,” she said. “Our children need to be raised by a mother and father. We’ve become so very confused in our understanding about sexuality that we can’t see what should be obvious.”

Lobby Night participants met with their lawmakers to discuss a wide range of topics covering everything from the death penalty to a business tax credit benefitting children in nonpublic and public schools.

It was the same-sex marriage issue, however, that seemed to spark the most passion.

“It’s a sad day if they pass something like that,” said Pat Siejack, a parishioner of St. John in Hydes. “It’s just not right. God didn’t intend for two men or two women to be together.

Catholics confront their lawmakers on same-sex marriage [Catholic Review]
(*this piece is also being pushed on NOM's blog)

Oh, Mr. Pat Siejack. A couple vowels aways from being a game show host. A few vows short of respecting the full range of civil marriage licensing that should easily exist in 2011 America.

But that's okay. This time, we are going to be ready to defend our civil rights against these kinds of faith-based overreaches. We're going to show up with the same passion, if not the same reasoning, as our opposition. We're going to put our time and attention into winning the actual game, not planning the post-loss protest marches. And we're going to protect marriage in the TRUE sense, and not in the contrived, code worded way on which NOM and crew base their anti-equality campaigns.


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