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'Balt. Sun' chastises feet-dragging, delayed justice, fact that they'll have to find interesting ways to keep covering this tired issue

by Jeremy Hooper

A strong "Wtf?!" ("Where's the fairness?" "Wither the freedom?" "Why the fallacy?" "When the future?" -- take your pick) from Maryland’s largest general circulation daily newspaper:

The decision by the House of Delegates to send a bill legalizing gay marriage back to the House Judiciary Committee — a move designed to prevent the measure's outright defeat — is a crushing disappointment to the thousands of Marylanders who lobbied, pleaded and prayed for legislators to remove a final vestige of state-sanctioned discrimination from our laws. The move does not mean that the issue is dead for the year, but it is a major setback.
KEEP READING: Md. gay marriage: Justice delayed [Baltimore Sun]


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