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Chuck Colson's U.S.: Where 'we the people' is anti-Christian bigotry

by Jeremy Hooper

Clearly Chuck Colson's victim suit is back from the cleaners:

IChuck-Colsonn the appeal of Proposition 8, in which California citizens voted to keep marriage between one man and one woman, Judge Vaughn Walker ruled that Christian beliefs “harm gays and lesbians.”

And in 1996, the Supreme Court overruled Colorado’s Amendment Two, in which citizens revised their Constitution to prohibit cities from giving special rights from being given to homosexuals. Justice Anthony Kennedy claimed the law was based in “animus” against homosexuals.

These things are happening in a country founded on the principle that citizens should be allowed to hold whatever beliefs they want, regardless of what their fellow citizens think of them. But in recent years Christians have been targeted again and again by activist groups and judges who support their agendas.
Unfit to Foster [Colson's Breakpoint]

Oh the sense of entitlement. Sounds like a child demanding candy. Except, you know: With Chuck's demanded product being the denial of equal protection and due process, not a Zagnut bar. Same empty calories though.

But here's the deal, Chuck: Yes, America does support the right of people to believe what they regardless of criticism, and nobody supports this notion more than LGBT people and progressive allies (*see Snyder v. Phelps reactions for just one supporting instance). But there is a *HUGE* difference between personal belief and public policy. A *MAJOR* distinction between choosing to support LGBT-exclusionary faith views and forcing others to do the same. A *CRUCIAL* separation between varying church teachings and concrete constitutional law. These distinctions still matter, regardless of how often or steadfastly the so-called "values" crowd ignores them.

Christian groups have been targeted? Uhm, NO. The truth is that anti-LGBT Christian groups (who don't own Christianity, btw) have increasingly learned that the days remaining wherein they're free to target LGBT people because of our "radical" belief in our own humanity, rights, and equal citizenship are rapidly dwindling. It was a long ride and folks like Chuck Colson were able to make quite profitable career$ out of heterosexist entitlement. But the tide is turning. The new day is dawning. The Neil Patrick is Harrising. A long-shunned population has done the work, made the case, and cultivated an ever-growing body of public awareness, bringing us this close to a time when people might stop warring over a shared civil culture and finally start working together to actually better it.

Who knows, Chuck -- you might actually like the new diet once the inorganic bias leaves your system.

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