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NOM finds new MD; curing inequality still not the goal

by Jeremy Hooper

So this is sort of interesting in a National Organization for Marriage-obsessed sort of way.

Remember a few weeks back, we showed you how NOM had started organizing on a site called that worked under the dual names MarylandForMarriage and Maryland4Marriage (both .com and .org)?


And remember how we pointed out some of the over-the-top things the site's creator had said about the Democratic party, morality, and religion's role in the civil marriage conversation?

Yea, well -- NOM has abruptly moved the Maryland operations over to a new domain, now operating instead at MDForMarriage.com:

Screen Shot 2011-03-14 At 10.20.36 Am

Which is weird, because usually when organizations pay for flyers and whatnots, they prefer to stick with the domain name they actually advertised. But in this case, the old domain is pretty much dead, giving users a weird login prompt upon loading:

Screen Shot 2011-03-14 At 10.23.26 Am
[MarylandForMarriage/ Maryland4Marriage.com]

Was it something we said? Or more likely: Something the creator of the original site said?

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