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Video: This is what school indoctrination really looks like

by Jeremy Hooper

Screen Shot 2011-03-24 At 2.17.17 Pm-1Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall of a Catholic high school so you could hear the way instructors talk about gay people, their existences, and the "non-option" that is same-sex marriage? Well it's your lucky day, for Fr. John Hollowell, Chaplain of Indianapolis' Cardinal Ritter High School, has opted to give us all a window into this whiteboarded world.

Listen for a few things:

  • Top of first video: Hollowell compares homosexuality to alcoholism and the desire to have sex with as many people as one wants.
  • Top of first vid: Chatter about how LGBT existences affect everyone. And at at 6:14, a knock at "Modern Family" for desensitizing the public about gays.
  • Middle of first video: Obtuse presentation of the "slippery slope" argument, with the idea that gay activists are being disingenuous when we cite marriage's two-person tradition in modern history, since we oppose other "traditional marriage" claims.
  • Claim that only Massachusetts offers marriage equality (comes around 2:40 in 2nd video). One would think a teacher would look this up before teaching a class on the subject. Because it's not a minor point.
  • A perceptive student noting, at 12:24 in the 2nd video, how Maggie Gallagher, as per usual, tried to talk all over Evan Wolfson -- only to have the teacher immediately jump in and justify Gallagher's frustrations.
  • 14:00 in 2nd vid: Unbelievable claim that it's the pro-equality side that is focused more on language than they are science or fact.
  • 14:50 in 2nd vid: Another student calls Maggie "ridiculous" and "angry," saying she found Evan "more intelligent." In fact, the student says that in her view, the person representing the anti-equality view in media is "always ridiculous."
  • 17:00 in 2nd vid: Another student says Maggie used "harsh" words, even referring to it as "bigotry."
  • 20:00 in 2nd vid: Hollowell moves into the NOM-workshopped lines about marriage equality supposedly infringing on others' religion and right to speak. He talks about "hate speech" with (a) references pertaining to Canada and its completely different speech/expression laws, and (b) an admission (at 22:30) that he doesn't really even understand what hate speech means in terms of the law. Students seem skeptical about it all.
  • 23:30 in 2nd vid: Claim that we have hate speech laws. And that is a flat-out lie. Hollowell, the teacher tasked with instructing the students, admits he hasn't done his research on the subject.
  • 2:00 in 3rd video: Throughly reductive noise about the freedom to marry not being in the constitution.
  • At 6:32 in 3rd vid: Yet another perceptive student completely destroying a talking point that denies the uniqueness of loving gay bonds (vs. roommates, brothers, etc.) when he aptly and accurately states that the same talking points couple apply to heterosexual couples.
  • 9:00ish in 3rd vid: An uncritical presentation of the idea that marriage equality for same-sex couples, unlike interracial couples, "completely changes" marriage itself.
  • 14:40 in 3rd vid: Here we begin more generalized talk about fairness and justice and rights, acting as if same-sex marriages are the only kinds of marriages not specifically granted in our constitution.
  • 17:30 in 3rd vid: A truly bizarre monologue about "winless teams" that still help their professional sports leagues, likening those "winless teams" to infertile couples who still help the marriage culture by virtue of their loving relationships. This opposed to the married gay couples who the students are told "bring us down" to an "unhealthy understanding" or marriage.
  • 19:40 in 3rd vid: Revelation that the aforementioned talking points came from Robert George, National Organization For Marriage cofounder

Let's start the class:

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