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Audio: Gays' marriages are 'next out of the gate for the culture of death'

by Jeremy Hooper

Earlier we showed you some print press for Charles LiMandri's (NOM's former general counsel, Jennifer Roback Morse's current radio cohost) new anti-gay CD set. But to get the full gist of it, you really gotta hear the audio:

Do we think God ever tires of the fear music? We've never seen his Pandora channels or anything, but something tells us his musical interests are far more varied.


**REMINDER: Catholic Answers is the same radio outlet on which Maggie Gallagher once talked about the "several kinds of various serious sins" that both gays and their straight supporters are supposedly committing:


*Oh, and in case you forgot: LiMandri was also Carrie Prejean's attorney. You really can't make this stuff up.

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