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G-A-Y Exclusive: Iowa's 'Second-Hand Effects' smoke goes even further; connected to national conservatives

by Jeremy Hooper

Second-Hand-Effects-Iowa-gaySo you know that "Second Hand Effects of Same-Sex Marriage" seminar program that we were the first to uncover then conclusively link to the conservative coalition that operates under the Iowa Family Leader/Iowa Family Policy Center/LUV Iowa umbrella? The truly startling program that we made the subject of this video? The program that provides atrocious information packets simply teeming with far-right spin from the likes of Brian Camenker and Matt Barber with titles like "Gay Sex Kills," as well as tons of "ex-gay" advocacy from groups like NARTH (*packets that you still can download for yourself here)? The program that Iowa Family Leader head Bob Vander Plaats first tired to deny, yet then pretty much confirmed (exceeded?) with his own comments calling homosexuality a "public health risk"? The very "would-be-hysterical-if-not-for-the-human-lives-decried-by-it" program that Stephen Colbert pointedly/righly mocked earlier this week?

Yeah, well: We've just discovered more, more, more -- oh so much more! Information that not only further links this heinous program to the Iowa conservatives' current efforts to elect a GOP president and to ban the state's currently legal same-sex marriages, but info that also links the program to a myriad of other social conservatives like the Alliance Defense Fund, the Family Research Council, and even directly to (at least one) GOP superstar candidate!

Let's get started:

Okay, so first thing you need to know: In addition to all of their myriad of other efforts (The Family Leader, Marriage Matters, LUV Iowa, etc.), the Iowa Family Policy Center also runs something called The Iowa Pastors' Resource Network. Here's a brief description:


Now, to find said information, one can go directly to http://www.iowapastornetwork.org/. But that's not the only way. No, no -- because the so-called Resource Network's info is also conveniently hosted on that very same website where the truly disturbing "Second Hand Effects of Same-Sex Marriage" stuff is located:


It was an effort that was very motivated during the 2010 primary, providing pastor-voters with ways to activate their congregations. Oh, and also yet another direct link to the nasty "gay=smoking" campaign:


And of course since its Iowa 2010 we're talking about here, the IFPC coalition also provided extensive information regarding ways pastor-voters could help their Iowa For Freedom campaign to oust Supreme Court justices:


Not to reopen old wounds: But this is what was able to threaten the very nature of the independent judiciary: Unbelievably astounding propaganda that compares certain Iowans's existence to public health hazards.

But wait, there's more! Because as it turns out, this effort does not only involve Iowans own. Oh no. No, no, no. Partners attached to this smoking gun include both ADF and FRC...


...noted conservative David Barton...


...and even a conservative front runner who won the Iowa GOP primary in 2008: Bob Vander Plaats' good friend Mike Huckabee:


And remember: This is the same coalition that has already hosted lecture events with Tim Pawlenty, Congressman Ron Paul, and Congresswoman Michele Bachman, with Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, and Newt Gingrich all scheduled to stump for the group's backing in the coming weeks and months.

Gays. Human beings who are like smoking and therefore need to "change," be it with "ex-gay" therapy or some sort of modified Nicorette patch. You know: so as to keep America from their "public health risk" cooties. All of this is earning the support of THE CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT'S TOP DOGS! PEOPLE WHO COULD BE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

It may not be the primary issue in need of 2012 discussion. But if it doesn't become an Iowa Primary issue, then we in the equality movement will have failed the principled task at hand.


*Oh, and because there's almost always a NOM connection these days: We should again mention that the disgusting "Second Hand Effects Facts Packet" (which, again, you can still download at this link) also features this very far-right-embracing NOM handout:


*So predictably, they've now locked down SecondHandEffects.com. However, in an odd turn they've the alternate url..


...which only serves to further connect TFL to this eye-opening program!

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