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LU: Taking liberties with credible information, taking fed $$$ with glee

by Jeremy Hooper

Liberty-University-Lu24052257 StdThe fact that the proudly LGBT-hostile Liberty University (home of Dean Matt "gays are purveyors of evil" Barber) receives millions of dollars in federal funding is enough of a story in and of itself. But the last line of this snippet really resonated with this writer:

Liberty University, the evangelical private Christian school founded by dead apartheid-supporting bigot Jerry Falwell, received $445 million in federal financial aid last year. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, by the way, received $420 million from the federal government.

That massive sum was thanks to the growth of Liberty's online program, which enrolled 52,000 students last year.
Evangelical Liberty University received half a billion dollars in federal aid money [Salon]

So why is the last line about the online program of particular interest? Well, because just this past January, we actually showed you some of the complete and utter propaganda that the school's online program uses as part of its science curriculum. For instance, students seeking a Bachelor of Science in Psychology are presented with wild "ex-gay" anti-science whose research holds water with no credible bucket outside of the religious right's usual "pray away the gay" toolshed. And yet it's this, the school's under-the-radar online outreach, that is essentially keeping the school afloat. Or at the very least, trumping up its mission.

And yet public broadcasting is what deserves government scrutiny and/or defunding? Puh-leeze! If "Nova" operated like the so-called "ex-gay" movement and its Liberty U. supporters, it would have been laughed off the air faster than you can say Snuffleupagus!

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