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We're not the only ones paying price for Gallagher's career choice

by Jeremy Hooper

Just in terms of mechanics alone, I can't imagine why anyone would pay $1200 to hear Maggie Gallagher speak on marriage. And that's not to slight Maggie's public speaking ability -- honestly. It's just that she literally gives the same exact speech everywhere she goes. This writer's heard her lines (e.g. "Newsflash: sex make babies"; "two great halves of humanity"; "protecting the right of children to know and be known by their mother and father"; "ask yourself how do we treat racists who are opposed to interracial marriage in the public square.") so many times, I could pretty much give her speech by now (and sometimes do, as an inebriated parlor game). Though even for those who are not so obsessed with "culture war" minutiae, audio from Maggie's gigs is readily available all over the Internet. So again: Throwing down a dozen Ben Franklins seems fiscally irresponsible, at best.

But nevertheless, some folks did pay that very high ticket price to hear the doyenne of marital discrimination dish on da gays. Namely, right-leaning folks from Utah's conservative Sutherland Institute, who turned out last night at the over 1k a head price, just to hear Maggie expound on why, exactly, legal marriages like this writer's own are somehow causing society to collapse:

Screen Shot 2011-04-21 At 3.50.01 Pm
[Sutherland Institute]

A snip from Maggie's speech, as reported by the (conservative) Deseret News:

She said that if same-sex marriage proponents prevailed, "the first thing that happens, is that it will become perfectly obvious that we have abandoned the idea that marriage is in some deep and intrinsic way rooted in the natural family and oriented towards sustaining the natural family. By the very act of declaring that two men in a union are in a marriage we are announcing that marriage has nothing to do with bringing mothers and fathers and children together."

Gallagher doesn't see the push for gay marriage as just a redefinition of what marriage means; she sees it also as a redefinition of the relationship between America and the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Gay marriage and reshaping society [Deseret News]

And then she surely laughed all the way to the bank. It's a good gig, that anti-wedding planning.

Oh but one teeny correction, M.G.: it's not if same-sex marriage proponents prevail -- it's when. And knowing that is in our back pocket feels better than anything money can buy.

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