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'Adoptive Families' magazine: Running cover for extremely anti-LGBT Focus on the Family

by Jeremy Hooper

AF-June-coverAdoptive Families magazine has always come across as pro-LGBT. The magazine and website routinely feature resources specific to LGBT families, with handy advice for overcoming limitations. And in fact, in a recent article on gay-headed families, writer Larissa Phillips bemoaned the fact that "our society isn't as open-minded as many of its families are."

Which is precisely why the back cover of Adoptive Families' latest issue troubles us so:


Yup, that's right: The magazine sold a full page ad to Focus on the Family. Right there on the back, full cover. Let's process this.

"At Focus on the Family, we believe every child has the right to a family"? Except not. At all. Not when it comes to the children of LGBT people, whose rights this obsessive organization fight$ at every single turn. This an organization that, in its adoption talking points, dedicates over half of the bullet points to "the problem of same-sex adoption." The same organization that runs articles claiming "the current movement to protect and promote homosexual rights threatens the adoption arena and children's best interests." The same organization that comes right out and states, as an official position, that "we support laws that prevent adoption by cohabiting couples—including homosexual partners." The same organization that, on its sear results page for the query of "same-sex adoption," returns multiple hits dedicated to "Counseling for Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions." In short: The same organization that is working, every single day, to ensure that "our society isn't as open-minded as many of its families are" -- something we had thought Adoptive Families was working to correct, not embolden.

Focus on the Family may have paid Adoptive Families lots of money for this full cover ad. But it's this world's LGBT-headed families who will pay dearly if outlets like Adoptive Families keep providing cover for Focus on the Family's crude and cruel outlooks!

A really bad decision, AF!


*SEE ALSO: Adoptive daddy Andrew Williams (who tipped us to this story) shares his understandable personal reaction:

As a subscriber, adoptive dad, husband and gay parent, I was dismayed to see that your magazine accepted a full page back cover advertisement from Focus on the Family. Under their new head, Jim Daly, this organization has been undertaking a public whitewashing of their extreme agenda against same-sex parenting, adoption, and even recognition of gay relationships of any sort.

This is not simply an organization with a Christian point of view: this is an organization that is the leading voice in this country trying to ban the ability of gay people to adopt. Focus on the Family has filed numerous amicus briefs in state cases trying to make adoption by gay people illegal. They were one of the principal sponsors of legislation in Arkansas that made adoption by gay people illegal. Please read that again: they helped make it illegal for gay people, any gay person, to adopt children, regardless of the circumstances.

Their core mission is not simply to strengthen the family, it is to weaken and disempower families they deem less than ideal. Families like mine, that they would have torn apart had their supported laws been passed in my state. The most cursory glance at their website shows the extent of their animus toward gay people, let alone gay adoptive parents, no matter how nice a face they try to put on it (search for their talking points on gay adoption to get an eyeful of focus-group tested discrimination). To see that your organization has profited from their bigotry and heartless activism is sickening to me. This has sent shockwaves through the thriving and vocal gay adoptive parent community where I live. We thought you were different; and apparently, you aren't.

Cancel my subscription immediately.

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