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Audio: Senior lobbyist for NY's anti-equality group: Bible is a weapon, churches are recruiting stations, Satan is the enemy

by Jeremy Hooper

Today in Albany, the New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation/ New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms will conclude the so-called "Mayday for Marriage" RV tour with an anti-gay rally at the state capitol. And when they do, one of the speakers will be Rev. Duane Motley, Senior Lobbyist for the group.

So what will Mr. Motley say at this rally (beginning at 11AM ET)? Well, we can't be sure. But if history is a guide, he most likely will paint this whole civil rights conversation as a war, churches as recruiting stations, and the Bible itself as a weapon meant to clobber certain kinds of humans:

"Let's talk about this. If you're going to get in this war, what do you have to do? There's two things you have to..have in any war. Number one you have to have some soldiers. So in this culture war I'm talking about, the soldiers we need have to be Christians. Christians are the soldiers we're looking for. Number two, in a war you have to have weapons. But the weapons are a different kind than we are familiar with. These are not hardware, these are not guns and tanks and bombs planes and that sort of thing. The weapons in this war are words. They're ideas and actions in the public policy arena, where you seldom find Christians involved. We avoid public policy. Which we shouldn't.

This war boils down to being a spiritual war. One being God and Satan. Between good and evil. Albany's always trying to legalize something that's wrong. The Bible says it's evil, Albany wants to legalize it, because if you can legalize it, then they feel comfortable doing it, participating in it, and usually if you can legalize a sin, you can find a way to license it and tax it to get more revenue. And that's the game they play in Albany.

And then the third thing is that it's a war between Biblical or Christian worldview and the secular or Satan's worldview. That's the war and we are the soldiers and we are in the middle of it. So God is looking for some volunteer soldiers for his army. Do you have any idea where he can find them? Where should his recruiting stations be? Downtown city hall? No, every church should be a recruiting station for God's army.

Well, let me give you some ideas of what you need to do to be a successful soldier. If you're going to get in this army, and I hope you will, there's three things you need to know to be a successful solider. You need to know who the enemy is. The enemy in this case is Satan, and we find this in the evil in media, public education, television, internet, government, so forth -- all of those areas there is a lot of evil, and that's where we're fighting.

And you also have to know not only the enemy, but also what equipment and weapons you have. Well the equipment that we have is this right here [holds up Bible], it's the word of God. The word of God is a two-edged sword -- it cuts going in, it cuts coming out. This is our weapon in this war.

And then the third thing a soldier must know is what the mission is. The mission in this case is to defeat Satan's army.

-Rev. Duane Motley, Senior Lobbyist, New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms
*Audio Source: Rev. Duane Motley - "Today's Culture", Ephesians 6:10-17 - CD-2010-06-06 [Pittsford Community Church]

Hint: By "Satan's army," he means your gay wedding party.

You did register for that sort of church/state-bending condemnation, right?


*EARLIER: Some of the other hostile things the NYFRF/NYCF and its guiding president, Rev. Jason McGuire, have said/written about LGBT people: NY's chief anti-equality lobby: Homosexuality is 'perverted & twisted,' will lead to 'destruction of your immortal soul' [G-A-Y]

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