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MN's chief anti-equality lobby: 'Accepting homosexuals as normal victimizes homosexuals themselves'

by Jeremy Hooper

Last night, in a 70-62 vote, the Minnesota House of Representatives voted to send a marriage amendment to the state's 2012 voters. An amendment that the state's main anti-gay lobby group, the Minnesota Family Council (an official Focus on the Family affiliate), has been working with both the National Organization For Marriage and the Catholic church (if there's even a difference) on passing.

For instance, here's the banner for the organizational MNForMarriage.com site that NOM has launched in tandem MFC:

Screen Shot 2011-05-22 At 3.04.28 Pm
[MN For Marriage]

They're getting quite cozy these two, in a coalition that we will surely being seeing oh so much more of in the next year or so. So that being the case, we thought we'd take a second and show you what the MFC's agenda is really all about. Because surprise, surprise: We've once again found an overarching war that goes WAAAAAAAAAAAAY beyond just gay people's ring fingers.

Let's begin.

We'll start with three documents that MFC has posted to its website and legislative handbook under the "Homosexuality" section. In these documents, MFC staffers come right out and admit that they see us as abnormal and disordered:

Screen Shot 2011-05-22 At 3.09.05 Pm

Then there's this section where they liken our lives and loves to "shocking" practices like bestiality:

Screen Shot 2011-05-22 At 3.09.27 Pm

Here are even more bestiality comparisons, but this time with incest and pedophilia and adultery thrown in for fun:

Screen Shot 2011-05-22 At 3.09.46 Pm

And now we get pedophiles, revisited:

Screen Shot 2011-05-22 At 3.10.03 Pm

Then there's this recommendation, showing how far MFC hopes to take the rights deprival:

Screen Shot 2011-05-22 At 3.10.23 Pm

But of course all of this cockamamie had to come from some sort of skewed, agenda-laden source. With MFC it comes from the top dog, most discredited source of them all: The resoundingly condemned Paul Cameron's Family Research Institute. This footnote appears on two of three documents (one of only 3 footnotes in total):

Screen Shot 2011-05-22 At 3.11.10 Pm

Screen Shot 2011-05-22 At 3.33.54 Pm

See all three documents here:

Document 1: Informed Answers to Gay Rights Arguments [MFC]
Document 2: Guide to the Issues: Gay Rights [MFC]
Document 3: Guide to the Issues: Domestic Partners/Civil Unions [MFC]

Plus you can couple all of the above nonsense with the blatant "ex-gay" advocacy that MFC proudly hosts on its "Homosexuality Resources" page:

Screen Shot 2011-05-03 At 1.24.41 Pm-1
Homosexuality Resources [MFC]

Nine of the above sites are solely focused on "curing" or "praying away" the gay. Sure, MFC says they're not endorsing or guaranteeing the validity of these groups. But that is convenient hogwash, since they've made the deliberate choice to list these groups as the sole recommendations under the homosexuality section of the "successful family ministries" page. This is this group's one and only direction for impressionable gays and their loved ones: Baseless snake oil that is shunned by the whole of credible science. Because, just to remind you: They see us as abnormal and disgusting. THEY ADMIT IT!

This is not some fringe group devoid of press or a following. This is MInnesota's big time "family group," who just last week hosted both Newt Gingrich and Congresswoman Bachmann at a fancy shmancy fundraising dinner. This is LSO Minnesota's most prominent voice of "marriage protection" -- a voice that will take on new prominence now that the GOP-controlled state legislature has passed a marriage discrimination bill. This is the team that is working right there, side by side with NOM and the Catholic Church to put discrimination into the state constitution. As the state ponders attaching a historical pockmark to its reputation, the eye-opening pieces of the overreaching puzzle that we have laid out in this post deserve at least some of the attention, if not the lion's share.


**MAJOR UPDATE: In a very telling turn of events, MFC has scrubbed their site of every one of the things we mention in this post! Fortunately for us, we saved backup copies of everything: The documents the Minnesota Family Council doesn't want you to see [G-A-Y]

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