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NY: The 1st rule of MayDay For Marriage is you do not talk about Mayday For Marriage

by Jeremy Hooper

Typically when one launches a bus tour, the interest in pushing the word out far and wide. But for reasons only they know, the New Yorker's Family Research Foundation have been exceedingly tight lipped about their own "Mayday for Marriage" tour schedule. The parking in points are not published on NYFRF's website in any way we can find, and when their own followers have used their organizational Facebook wall to ask about stops, the responses have been like this:


Most likely this silence is an attempt to get only their own followers on site without any principled push back from the actual human beings who are affected by inequality. Which is all the more reason for us to go ahead and post the scheduled tour stops that we know of:

Sunday, May 8

1:00 PM at Eastview Mall (Victor)

Wednesday, May 11

12:00 PM at Senator Roy McDonald's Satellite Office (2 Halfmoon Town Plaza, Halfmoon)

3:30 PM at Senator Joe Griffo's District Office (207 Genesee St., Room 408, Utica)

Thursday, May 12

12:00 PM at Senator Mark Grisanti's District Office (Walter J. Mahoney Building, 65 Court St., Room 213, Buffalo)

Friday, May 13

12:00 PM at Senator Jim Alesi's District Office (220 Packetts Landing, Fairport)

Saturday, May 14

4:00 PM at the "Picnic in the Park" at Grace & Truth Sports Park (373 North Greece Rd., Greece)


If you're in any of the areas, feel free to show up. Bring your own water bottle, principled spine, clever sign, and peace of mind resting in the knowledge that someday, in the not too distant future, the only time your outdoor marital activities will feel like soul assaults is when a particularly terrible wedding band happens to butcher an Al Green song.


*UPDATE: Within an hour or so of us posting this, they publicly announced the Wednesday dates.

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