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'Stop wasting time and political energy,' says man who spent Sabbath wasting time, political energy

by Jeremy Hooper

201105181550Rev. Sen. Ruben Diaz, Sr. (D-Bronx):

New York’s Rent Stabilization and Rent Control Laws are set to expire on June 15th. If these laws are not extended then 2.5 million New Yorkers – mostly Black and Hispanic – are facing crisis situations for their most basic need: affordable housing.

I cannot comprehend how Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Council Speaker Christine Quinn can find time to go to Albany and ignore this deadline that affects the lives of mostly Black and Hispanic New Yorkers.

It’s such a disgrace that Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Quinn have instead, made it their priorities to go to Albany to push State legislators to support same sex-marriage – all while ignoring New York’s rent control and rent stabilization laws that millions of New Yorkers – mostly Black and Hispanic – rely upon.
Senator Reverend Díaz's Affordable Housing Priority [Ruben Diaz]

Says the man who spent the weekend rallying a mostly Hispanic crowd to stand up for their most basic political interest: Banning gay people from marriage. You know, because that's tottttttttaly going to keep people in their houses. [::writer rolls eyes, shakes head, secures wedding ring lest Ruben Diaz try to hock it for someone's rent::]

Please, Rev. Sen.: Spare us the self-righteous tapping of the watch!

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