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Wait, are we gays halting the courts or are we activ-exploiting them? Because it can't be both.

by Jeremy Hooper
Morse3-1"Is there anything the advocates of same sex marriage are not willing to do, any value they are unwilling to destroy, in order to get their way? They have convinced themselves they have a “right” to same sex marriage because one court said so. Once they have the legal result they want, they want the entire legal process to come to a grinding halt, and circle the wagons around that one favored result. No further discussion. No further dissent. No further legal processes."

-Jennifer Roback Morse, president of National Organization for Marriage affiliate group The Ruth Institute [SOURCE]

"Because one court said so"? Try multiple courts. In multiple states. A growing body of justices have been going our way. And by "our way," I of course mean the way of 21st century America.

And as for charge that gay activists want the legal process to stop without any further process? Gosh, that's really weird, since I could've sworn we're the ones pushing multiple cases all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court level, holding high hopes even in spite of the very real risks. And also the ones who brought Prop 8 back to court in the first place, giving the "protect marriage" proponents every opportunity to try to make an able case. In fact, it would seem to me that if the LGBT population's past several years of legal activity really is an example of equality activists "circling our wagons" and bring the legal process to a "grinding halt," as J-Ro-Mo claims, then it should've been a FINE time for the "pro-family" crowd to take this compromised judicial stage and seize their shining moment in the legal sun. But they weren't able to do that. Oh, they tried to, don't get me wrong. But they largely failed. And they are continuing to fail when defending matters like DADT and DOMA, too. Because their arguments are the losing ones, ultimately.

But whatever. You go ahead and keep accusing us of this, that, or the other, Ms. Morse. It's the claims your side makes under oath that we eagerly await.

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