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Careless Political Meteorology 101 with Dean Barber

by Jeremy Hooper

Screen Shot 2011-06-03 At 12.14.32 PmMatt Barber --an Associate Dean and Asst. Professor who teaches law to students of a school for which Newt Gingrich proudly advocates -- continues his penchant for setting records in the realm of "culture war" hyperbole:

the "homosexual activist political tsunami destroys everything in its path that is righteous, good and beneficial to society."

-Liberty Counsel/Liberty University staffer Matt Barber


Clearly Dean Barber didn't get a slice of the gorgonzola and fig pizza I made last night. It was a heavenly gay creation, if I say so myself.

Though honestly, should we even be offended with Barber's claims? I mean this is a movement that has blamed us for every literal natural disaster (and even projected Armageddon) to ever scratch the Earth's crust. So isn't this scapegoating of us as the catalyst for mere political disasters a measure of progress?

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