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Minnesota Family Council researcher: 'GSAs affirm sexual disorders'

by Jeremy Hooper

Come the fall of 2012, the Minnesota Family Council and the National Organization For Marriage, most likely guided by their pragmatic handlers at Schubert Flint Public Affairs, will be telling state residents that their attempt to ban same-sex marriage in the state constitution is only about marriage and religious freedom and the sanctity of this one certain institution. They'll certainly deny that anti-gay animus could be in play. No way. Nu uh. Not the "family values" crowd. No siree, Bob.

Though in the meantime, the Minnesota Family Council will continue to belie obliterate that inevitable "it's just about marriage" positioning. Here's MFC researcher Barb Anderson doing just that:

There are many valid support groups for drinking disorders, eating disorders and drug abuse. We would be outraged if these same groups affirmed alcoholism, anorexia, bulimia, or drug abuse — and had pride days to celebrate these behaviors.

Why aren’t we outraged that the GSAs affirm sexual disorders?
Open your eyes, people. Parents, do you really want your children attending a GSA where homosexual behavior is affirmed and celebrated and where children are trained to be advocates for this unhealthy behavior as well as activists for gay rights?

Parents and clergy, please understand that these GSAs use public education to change the political and moral beliefs of your children. What will you do when your child comes home and tells you that he (or she) has decided that he is gay, or wants to march in a Gay Pride Parade?

Under a banner of combating homophobia, GSAs become breeding grounds for hostile attitudes toward anyone who objects to homosexual behavior, including parents. This hostility extends toward traditional religions and morals, as well as school authority.
It is irresponsible for educators to promote the “it’s OK to be gay” message to students when homosexuality is such a high risk behavior. This is an assault on moral standards and healthy living, and greatly endangers the physical and mental health of students who attend.
Let’s stop this dangerous nonsense before it’s too late and more young boys and girls are encouraged to “come out” and practice their “gayness” right in their own school’s homosexual club.

Barb Anderson
FULL LETTER: Letters to the editors for June 3, 2011 [ABC Newspapers]

We certainly welcome this new, more transparent marriage fight that our Minnesota opposition is apparently eager to have. Because let's face it: The "they'll make kids read gay children's books" ads are getting kind of tired. The "gays are disordered and need to 'change'" ads will at least ad color to this tired (non-)controversy.


*EARLIER MFC eye-openers:

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