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MN Archbishop denies marriage ban's anti-gay animus; gives us another reason to show the undeniable animus

by Jeremy Hooper

The Minnesota Family Council *IS* the force behind the state's marriage amendment. Not kind of. Not sort of. Not a little bit. But *is*.

As we've shown you a couple of times already: There are two lobbyists currently registered in the state to advocate for the anti-equality, "Minnesota For Marriage" coalition. One of them is the National Organization For Marriage's president, Brian Brown. The other is Minnesota Family Council president Tom Prichard. This is the organized movement in the state. This is their joint website. This is the crowd that, barring unforeseen circumstances, will be advocating against us in '12.

Now, as we've shown you several times and will show you a million more before November 2012: The Minnesota Family Council has put tons and tons and tons of extremely anti-LGBT nonsense on the record. Not anti-marriage-equality, mind you -- but ANTI-LGBT. Their record is simply teeming with outrageousness.

For instance, here's the aforementioned Prichard writing that gays "deny reality" in order to live contrary to "God's design":

Minn. For Marriage's chief lobbyist: Gays 'live in conflict with how we are made' [G-A-Y]

Here's audio of MFC's researcher, Barb Anderson, pushing so-called "ex-gay" therapy and general animus to Peter LaBarbera (head of an organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled as as a hate group):

Audio: Minnesota Family Council's Barb Anderson promotes
"ex-gay"and the general idea that gays are public health hazard

Here's Anderson again, this time talking about how affirmative teaching embraces "sexual disorders":

Minnesota Family Council researcher: 'GSAs affirm sexual disorders' [G-A-Y]

Here's a collection of documents that MFC only yanked from its website after we made them public. Documents that cite widely discredited researcher Paul Cameron in order to paint gays as "abnormal":

(From the now-yanked section of MFC's legislative handbook)
Now-yanked docs that liken gays to things like bestiality
and express outright hostility towards gay normalcy

Here's all kinds of "ex-gay" promotion, pulled from years of MFC documents:

Document roundup: Years of MFC lies, misreps,
and propaganda all geared towards "changing" gays

Here's even more from Barb Anderson:

Yet another yanked MFC doc: Teaching gay tolerance = 'psychological tampering' [G-A-Y]

Anderson again:

Researcher Barb Anderson vs. those who'd "normalize" homosexuality
rather than embrace her scientifically-rejected "ex-gay" viewpoints

Prichard making an obtuse historical comparison:

Minnesota Family Council: Resist same-sex marriage like Lincoln resisted slavery [G-A-Y]

And another:

MFC President Tom Prichard likens same-sex marriage to the mortgage crisis [G-A-Y]

And here's Prichard calling on his local PBS affiliate top be defunded, simply because it aired a gay-inclusive program:

Get to know your MN for Marriage coalition:
Defunding PBS edition

Oh, and there's more where that came from. Much, much more. We are sitting on several other documents and whatnots, just waiting to slow drip them out.

Okay, but why are we bringing it up now? Oh. Well because Archbishop John Nienstedt has just penned a letter for the Catholic Spirit in which he not only advocates for the gay ban, but also makes a claim that is simply unreal in light of all that we have dug up. Nienstedt writes:

Screen Shot 2011-06-10 At 8.09.41 Am"Our state House and Senate have placed a constitutional amendment on the November 2012 ballot that will define marriage in the State of Minnesota as the union between one man and one woman.

Regrettably, the media and some secular commentators have chosen to mischaracterize this measure as anti-gay, mean-spirited and prejudicial. This is not the case or the intent behind the initiative.
Marriage amendment deserves our support [Catholic Spirit]

Okay, look: The Archbishop has every right to advocate for this measure, so long as he advocates within the constraints of law as it applies to church leadership. But he does not -- DOES NOT! -- have a right to change the reality. Every day we are showing you, without any degree of uncertainty, just how fully the Minnesota Family Council stands against homosexuality itself, and how willing its leaders are to say whatever hostile thing that hits the mind. More so than we've ever seen with ant other state group, in fact. We are constantly shocked by the climate they have been fostering for so long. The very climate that put this now-legislatively-backed marriage bill into both motion and effect. The same climate that will be standing against gay human beings in 2012, regardless of how carefully Schubert Flint Public affairs spins the messaging.

So if the National Organization For Marriage and the state Catholic Conference are going to advocate for this measure, then they are going to have to answer for their number one state ally. We will lose sleep making sure of that.

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