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NOM inputs 'New York' into usual talking point machine, churns out this:

by Jeremy Hooper

We've been surprised by the National Organization For Marriage's relative silence in NY state. Sure, they've robocalled and joined in on a couple of marriage rallies. But the house that bias built has limited the action items and threats, especially compared to states like Rhode Island and Maryland. And they never even launched the microsite that they purchased.

However that is all changing today, in the late stage of an increasingly equality-positive game. NOM's homepage now launches with this nice, splashy reminder of the strong support system civil marriage equality has in the Empire State:

Screen Shot 2011-06-14 At 10.49.35 Am

Nice pics with positive wording. "Supporter." "Powerful." heck, if not for the "stop same-sex marriage" banner, we might think this was for our side.

But then NOM's work to invalidate all that strong support, encouraging NOM followers to send this contrived, fallacious message to state senators that they see as potentially movable:


Oh please. Making marriage all about the non-required, non-threatened element that is procreation? Acting as if canards about "religious freedom" trump actualities pertaining to equal protection and due process? More of those tired Catholic Charities mentions? The continued misrepresentation of the Ocean Grove, NJ matter, without any concern for the facts? (*In short: The church pavilion in question was receiving a *special* tax break under NJ's Green Acres tax-exemption -- a program which requires compliance with state non-discrimination laws in order to qualify. A qualification that the pavilion agreed to upon signing up for the special break. So what the pavilion "lost" was a distinctive tax break on a public accommodation that they wanted to restrict to only the heterosexual public. This could've happened if they had denied gays and lesbians (or any minority) from holding any sort of ceremony, not just a civil union commitment! They didn't lose regular tax-exempt status on an actual church: They lost it on a piece of property that required this kind of accommodating access, under NJ state law, in order to get what was undeniably a special right.)

NOMmers: You have the right to live as you choose, but not to redefine American values for all of us. Please grow up. Please become better.

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