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NY's most vocal anti-equality Senator: Gays are against nature

by Jeremy Hooper

State Sen. Rev. Ruben Diaz (D-Bronx) thinks we should have shame for simply showing people what was said at his Bronx rally. Blabbeando brings us that scoop, pulled from an interview the Rev. Sen. gave to local news channel NY1:

NY 1 HOST JUAN MANUEL BENITEZ: Well, [COUNCILMEMBER MELISSA MARK-VIVERITO] says that in the publicity campaign for the rally you organized a few days ago in the Bronx you were inciting, more or less, in your message - according to her - you had shades of hate; a message of hate.

Ruben-DiazSEN. RUBEN DIAZ, SR.: Oh, man, I'm so tired of this. I'm so tired of this. You now, it's incredible. I don't even want to respond to it.

JUAN MANUEL BENITEZ: You're talking to me in English, say it to me in Spanish...

SEN. RUBEN DIAZ, SR.: No, I'm no longer going to respond to that. You know: The lies, how they twist the truth, the way they twist things to promote something, you know, shame is what these people should feel. These people should feel ashamed. How they change things; how they want to take things and change them; to portray what was said and what wasn't said. For what? That's so they earn people's sympathy. Shame is what they should feel.
**VIDEO and FULL TRANSCRIPT: NYS Sen. Ruben Diaz, Sr. defends comparing homosexuality to bestiality [Blabbeando]

Right. Because what, we dubbed in the audio where a presiding pastor said that "those who practice [homosexuality] are worthy to death", another preacher said "breaking traditional marriage" will bring 'judgement and wrath of God' just like Sodom & Gommorah, Diaz' own wife, Leslie Diaz, called gays an "abomination" and based all opposition in her personal faith, a Puerto Rican speaker said that local star Ricky Martin is opening the gates of hell, and much, much more? Uh huh, Sure, Rev. Sen. You keep on using ad hominem labels rather than addressing your own friends and colleagues and wife's tangible words. We'll keep relying on actuality, if it's all the same to you.

Oh, and speaking of ad hominem attacks that go well beyond marriage: In the very same interview, the Rev. Sen. goes on to say this:

JUAN MANUEL BENITEZ: In other words, you are saying... you are comparing relations between homosexual people with the behavior of...

DiazSEN. RUBEN DIAZ, SR.: No, no, no. We are establishing what goes against nature. Relations between homosexuals go against... nature itself tells us, eh..

JUAN MANUEL BENITEZ: In other words, what you are telling us is that homosexual people go against nature.

SEN. RUBEN DIAZ, SR.: Yes. In other words, their relations go against...

JUAN MANUEL BENITEZ: And that's not an interpretation?

SEN. RUBEN DIAZ, SR.: Let's see... OK, if you want to say it's an interpretation that's your prerogative. The... something that goes against nature is something... nature itself says that marriage between a woman and a man are able to procreate [and have] children.

JUAN MANUEL BENITEZ: Where does it say so.. where does nature say that...

SEN. RUBEN DIAZ, SR.: Nature says it! Nature teaches you that a relation between a man and a woman can procreate children and that a relation between a man and another man or a woman with another... cannot procreate children. So nature itself... nature itself is telling you and the whole world 'This, I did not create'.
**VIDEO and FULL TRANSCRIPT: NYS Sen. Ruben Diaz, Sr. defends comparing homosexuality to bestiality [Blabbeando]

*THIS* is the face of New York opposition, folks. The man who, legislatively, will forever hold the most prominent connection to the state's marriage inequality fight. The man who the nation's top anti-equality lobby group, the National Organization For Marriage, has picked as its big arm-in-arm ally in the Empire State:

Screen Shot 2011-06-02 At 1.43.58 Pm

And this is the same man who, by his own words, wants New Yorkers to think that nature makes a grave mistake every time it makes an LGBT person.

Look, we can entertain this conversation for a little longer. But can all please agree that the "it's only about protecting marriage" ship sailed away long ago? Because it did. Sunk, in fact.

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