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Ryan-Perkins-Bachmann: FRC is red meat for a GOP sandwich; the meat matters

by Jeremy Hooper

Sometimes when we show you the uber-incendiary words or actions or propagandistic videos that Tony Perkins or his Family Research Council subordinates so routinely put before the public, some of you react dismissively. "So what?" many you ask. "The Southern Poverty Law Center has already declared FRC to be a hate group, so why do we care?" others will add. All contributive to a generalized tone that is so familiar to our side movement: Writing off our opposition as "fringe" and therefore irrelevant.

But here's the deal: In the pantheon of conservatism, the Family Research Council is not only not considered "fringe" -- in fact, the FRC is actually considered a valued member of the family. The group is prominent and welcomed, both easily and proudly embraced by the boldfaced GOP names who shape the modern day conservative movement.

Latest case in point: This past weekend's Faith And Freedom Conference. Not only was Tony Perkins invited to speak, but look where, exactly, his speech fell in the program: Right smack dab between two of the GOP's inarguably brightest stars of the moment:

Screen Shot 2011-06-06 At 9.24.57 Am
Screen Shot 2011-06-06 At 9.25.13 Am
Screen Shot 2011-06-06 At 9.25.44 Am

That is the high value the GOP gives to the Family Research Council!

And it wasn't just Ryan and Bachmann, either. The rest of the day included speakers like House Speaker John Boehner, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Senator Rand Paul (KY), House Majority Whip Thaddeus McCotter (MI), RNC chair Reince Priebus, and assorted other luminaries. And in terms of the announced and prospective presidential field: In addition to Bachmman, Former Governor Jon Huntsman (UT), Congressman Ron Paul (TX), Former Governor Tim Pawlenty (MN), and Former Governor Mitt Romney (MA) all showed up to speak. RIGHT ALONGSIDE THE FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL!

So here's the point: We're going to keep showing you the videos wherein FRC positions us as a kid-threatening disaster in need of "ex-gay" therapy. We'll keep bringing you the clips in which FRC's Senior Fellow calls on U.S. gays to be either "exported" or criminalized. Keep showing you the brochures that lead off by comparing same-sex marriages to those bonds which might exist between a man and a horse (complete with horse photo). Keep letting you in on the sermons where Tony Perkins says we are "held captive by the enemy." Keep playing the attacks where Tony directly likens us to terrorists, calls LGBT rights a battle of "good versus evil," says DADT repeal proponents are "willing to jeopardize our nation’s security to advance the agenda of the radical homosexual lobby," claims gay teens kill themselves because they know that they are "abnormal," or writes that same-sex marriage will be "opening the door to all manner of moral and social evil." We'll keep bringing it all, connecting these dots and highlighting the golden opportunities for us to show how much further the "values voters" fight really goes.

Our movement will keep ignoring or de-legitimizing FRC's threats at its own peril.

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