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Tipping their hand: In last ditch effort, NY's chief lobby group pushes 'ex-gay' therapy

by Jeremy Hooper

201106220948The New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms is the big anti-equality lobby group in Albany. A big NOM ally too, appearing alongside Gallagher and Brown at this week's "protect marriage" press conference.

So what is this NYCF group's last-ditch plan to stop civil marriage equality in the state? Oh, well -- they're pushing scientifically discredited "ex-gay" therapy, natch, suggesting that New York gays should not only be legally single, but also "changed":

Albany, NY - New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms (NYCF) is pleased to welcome a nationally-recognized voice in the gay "marriage" debate to Albany. Anthony Falzarano will have media availability in the Capitol's LCA Pressroom at 10:15 AM this morning.

Anthony Falzarano, Executive Director, Parents and Friends Ministries (PFM), is a former homosexual and ex-gay activist. Falzarano lived in Manhattan's Upper East Side. He was immersed in the gay lifestyle for nine years. As the result of a remarkable transformation in his life, he left the gay lifestyle.

Rev. Duane R. Motley, Senior Lobbyist, New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms (NYCF), said, "Gay 'marriage' advocates argue that this is an issue of civil rights. They assume that homosexuality is an inborn trait, but the testimony of thousands of former homosexuals demonstrates that homosexuality is not an immutable characteristic. Change is possible."

Since leaving the gay lifestyle, Falzarano has been married for twenty-eight years and has two children. He is a strong advocate for authentic marriage. Mr. Falzarano has been serving the gay community since 1988, and has ministered to over 600 former homosexuals.

Rev. Jason J. McGuire, Executive Director, New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms (NYCF), said, "Though the cultural debate over gay 'marriage' is raging, there has been little evidence formally presented to the Legislature concerning the ramifications for New York State if marriage is redefined. This is unfortunate, because the societal implications of same-sex 'marriage' are real. Today, Mr. Falzarano will address some of those implications."

Falzarano has testified before the Maryland State Legislature and the Maryland Board of Education. He has been sought out as an expert source on the subject of homosexuality by nationally known media such as Time Magazine, CBS, CNBC, the BBC, NET, Salem Broadcasting, the Washington Post, the Washington Times, and USA Radio Network.

Mr. Falzarano said, "As a former homosexual involved in the gay lifestyle in New York City for nine years, I am very much aware of the true agenda of the gay political movement in America. I strongly believe the New York State Senate should reject same-sex marriage."

"New York should not rush to redefine the marital institution. The Empire State has not even had a hearing on the matter of same-sex 'marriage'. The presentation of evidence should not be relegated to perchance conversations in legislative hallways or between committee meetings. If the New York State Legislature will not hold hearings, we'll bring the hearings to them," concluded McGuire.
Ex-Gay Activist Comes Out for Authentic Marriage [NYCF]

We've shown you this for months. This group's leaders have painted this whole civil rights conversation as a war, presented churches as if they are recruiting stations and the Bible itself as a weapon meant to clobber certain kinds of humans, likened marriage equality to child abuse, blamed this whole fight on Satan, and claimed that they're in this fight to save people like Sen. Tom Duane and Assemblyman Danny O'Donnell (both gay) from "an eternity in Hell". They have also promoted their rally and overall marriage efforts with church bulletin inserts that called homosexuality "perverted & twisted" and said that it will lead to the "destruction of your immortal soul." They have proven time and time again that the endgame goes well beyond marriage itself, as this movement's reliably "ex-gay"-encouraging practitioners (including Gallagher herself) so often do.

Now this, the anti-marriage-equality movement's chief NY lobby group, is making the boldest pro-"ex-gay" move yet. It's time for all media to accurately assess their goals!!


**MORE: On NYCF's Facebook page, the group goes so far as to call scientifically discredited "ex-gay" teachings "the piece that has been missing from this debate":

Screen Shot 2011-06-22 At 10.10.17 Am

And here's yet another, from another NYCF/NYFRF coalition Facebook page (they have several). And in this one, they completely admit it: They hope to "unravel the gay agenda" through the idea that gays are as changeable as blue jeans:

Screen Shot 2011-06-22 At 10.39.52 Am



GLAAD's Corey Johnson gets a photo of Anthony, whose sign reads: "God can heal the homosexual -- he healed me!!!"

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