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Didn't sign, did sign? Did support, now doesn't? Constitutional lawyer needs to 'evolve'? Chris Johnson has understandable questions, Secy Carney!

by Jeremy Hooper

Washington Blade's Chris Johnson (with an assist from Metro Weekly's Chris Geidner) gets all bulldoggy with Press Secretary Jay Carney, seeking clarity in regards to a marriage position that is far less clear than the White House seems to think it is. Think Progress delivers the video:

White House Press Secretary Challenged On Obama’s 1996 Gay Marriage Questionnaire
[ThinkProgress LGBT]

Theoretical scenario: New York passes marriage equality before Thursday. On Thursday, the President appears at this LGBT event in NYC. There, possibly hours after an historic win, days before NYC Pride, and forty-two years post the modern gay rights movement's kick off in Greenwich Village, President Obama makes progressive marriage equality news alongside the state itself.

Then, Secretary Carney -- then things would be fleshed out. Until then, this combination of past support and present waiting-to-see-if-equality-is-Darwinian, will never strike any true advocate for constitutional equality as being "very clear." Never.


*UPDATE: Johnson has filed his report: Carney Questioned On Obama’s 1996 Support For Marriage [Wash Blade]

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