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NY's anti-equality team heads to court; but does sorely losing = legal standing?

by Jeremy Hooper

Oh look, a lawsuit. And of course they're using the Liberty Counsel, an extremely far-right legal outfit that decried the Prop 8 defense for not being anti-gay/pro-"ex-gay" enough:

A lawsuit challenging the legality of the process that brought gay “marriage” legislation to the floor of the New York State Senate will be filed in the Livingston County Supreme Court this morning.

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, Rev. Jason J. McGuire, Rev. Duane R. Motley and Rabbi Nathaniel S. Leiter are listed as plaintiffs. The plaintiffs, represented by the Liberty Counsel, contend that same-sex “marriage” legislation was only able to pass the State Legislature through:

-meetings that violated New York State Open Meetings Laws.

-the suspension of normal Senate voting procedures to prevent Senators who opposed the bill from speaking.

-failure to follow Senate procedures that require that a bill must be sent to appropriate committees prior to being placed before the full Senate for a vote.

-unprecedented Senate lock-outs by which lobbyists and the public were denied access to elected representatives.

-the Governor’s violation of the constitutionally mandated three-day review period before the Legislature votes on a bill by unjustifiably issuing a message of necessity.

-promises (which were fulfilled) by high-profile elected officials and Wall Street financiers to make large campaign contributions to Republican senators who switched their vote from opposing to supporting the Marriage Equality Act.
NYCF Files Suit Against State Senate [NYCF]

Look, I completely defend their right to bring a case. Have at it. Because not only is it a great American freedom, but also: These continued theatrics against something the state's residents support in majority numbers only help our future pushes. A loss on this for them will mean another step towards our sustainable win.

Let's just hope NYCF has enough fortitude to submit into evidence the "perverted and twisted" things they used to drum up their own cause.


*Oh, and Liberty Counsel: Please, please, please put your own Matt Barber on tho case, where he can share some of his but its charm with the court. Things like: The time Matt said that gay male relationships constitute "one man violently cramming his penis into another man’s lower intestine and calling it ‘love’”; the time Matt called President Barack Obama an anti-american enemy; the time he accused Obama and Barney Frank of being anti-religious bigots; the time he suggested there are "sinister motives" in the Obama White House; the time he agreed with TVC's Andrea Lafferty that homosexuality is "among a litany of...sexual deviances" that include things like sex with an amputee's stump and sexual behavior involving feces and urine; the time he likened pro-equality progressives to Fred "God Hates F*gs" Phelps; the time he referred to marriage equality advocates as "purveyors of evil"; the time he compared gay unions to marrying a house plant; the time he said Ellen Degeneres "guides her many adoring housewife fans into rebellion against God's divine and explicit natural order"; the time he called Google "satanic" for supporting marriage equality; the time he accused gay-friendly media outlets of trying "to make the absurd appear reasonable and normal"; the time he referred to the Muslim faith as "Satanic";etc., etc. More than just about anyone in the "pro-family" world (with the possible exception of Bryan Fisher), Matt has made the choice to go as personal, as negative, as hyperbolic, and as wantonly hurtful as humanly inhumanely possible. He does this on the daily.


**SEE ALSO: Chris Geidner's informed take on why the suit is without merit.

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