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Social conservs still denying Cuomo's religious freedom, still missing the irony

by Jeremy Hooper

Jennifer Roback Morse, head of the National Organization For Marriage's Ruth Institute, continues to bely the notion that gays are the "culture warriors" most fully undermining religious freedom in this nation:

If the [Catholic] Church were the ruthlessly conformist authoritarian institution she is taken to be, you might think someone in authority would have something to say to Andrew Cuomo. He is an excellent candidate to be asked to go elsewhere to meet his spiritual and religious needs, such as they are.

No one in authority has made this rather obvious suggestion to him. Perhaps some ordinary New York Catholics ought to politely ask him to get lost.
On the difficulty of getting kicked out of the Catholic Church [Ruth Blog]

"Believe as we believe (at least on certain 'culture war' subjects) or get the Hell out of 'our' religion": That's the message the religious social conservatives routinely send to society at large. This "values" crowd is forever trying to exclude anyone who stewards his or her faith views in a way they see as too "liberal," all while exalting the right to hold conservative faith views high above any and every other liberty. Forever looking for faults at the expense of understanding.

If America's expansive church community wants to know why faith has been falling out of favor with young folks for years now, they need look no further than onslaughts like the ones against Gov. Cuomo. The far-right's stone-casting is relentless and reliably closed off to either nuance or discussion. And more than even that: When compared with the willingness to acknowledge flaws within one's own house, the barbed condemnations are dished out in wildly unequal measure.

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