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Audio: In court, proving animus is always our burden. Group that goes to court against us will now help our case:

by Jeremy Hooper

This is the legal organization that New York's chief anti-equality lobby group (and big NOM ally) has recruited to go to court for the purposes of overturning civil marriage equality:

"Acts of homosexuality are the opposite of what God intended for men and women…homosexuality undermines God's objective for marriage"

[Liberty Counsel]

Great, now let's hear Mr. Staver make this exact argument when he's pleading the so-called New Yorker's Family Research Foundation's case against the state's legal marriages. "Our side doesn't like marriage equality and will say and do anything to stop it in the law because we fundamentally believe, based on our chosen religion here in a church/state-separated nation, that the millions of people who inhabit this world within same-sex-attracted bodies and brains are deeply offensive to our collective life-granter." Seriously. That's what I want to hear on the floor of that court room.

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